Is an Internet Marketing Opportunity Right For You?

The article concerns the question – Is an Internet Marketing Opportunity Right For You? Times have changed, the economy is a mess, and you are wondering to yourself “is an internet marketing opportunity right for me?” If you are expecting me to give you the straight up, perfect answer, I am sorry I cannot do that for you, as I don”t know you anymore than you know me. What I will do is educate you on what I know to be true to me and many other people that I associate with on a daily basis.

Is an Internet Marketing Opportunity Right For You


What you read online

I know you have seen the flashy headlines, the colorful websites, big houses and fast cars..but is it real and can it be real for you? I asked myself this same exact question, I had my doubts and I was one of the skeptical ones that didn’t believe all the hype and lavish lifestyles. Many people wonder if an internet marketing opportunity is real and can they be successful; can they work from their laptop on the beach, and can they have a meaningful life with this opportunity.

The opportunity is real, the stories can sometimes be stretched and you can have a very meaningful lifestyle as many of my friends and I do but…..

Is It Right For Everyone?

To answer your question, no it is not for everyone and no not everyone can be prosperous with an internet marketing opportunity, but those that are successful are the ones that have bigger dreams. I have watched people start and finish (actually quit) an internet marketing opportunity with the same mindset and have only one goal.

Their mind set was one of “lottery mentality” where they felt that they could just sign up and possibly win the million bucks and not do anything for it. I have also seen others start and finish (actually quit) an opportunity with only one person on their mind “themselves”.  Neither one of these will result in a successful experience.

Are you Ready To Help Others?

With marketing whether it is online or offline, you are offering a service or a product to an individual that had has a problem. Marketing in a sense is educating other people on a service or product that you offer that will make their life easier or make them happier.

As with any business, an internet marketing opportunity can be thousands of different things to different people, you could be marketing diet pills, enhanced drinking water, financial education, energy drinks, legal advice, clothing or thousands of other different things. With internet marketing you leverage the power of the internet by providing a solution to not only the people around you but the entire globe.

With providing a solution online, you have to be able to provide a how and why this product or service will help them and their problem.

Are you willing to learn new skills online, many people are wanting to start an internet marketing opportunity but they have no idea how. Are you willing to go the extra mile that most people are not willing to go and learn something new?

Are you willing to take the time and show people how to do what you learned and make sure that they understand it so they can also be successful? There are times that I spend an hour or two with someone on how to set up a website, shoot a video or just answer questions, are you willing to spare this time for others?

See internet marketing is not only about selling; it is about networking and helping people become more successful. Would you be willing to spend 5 hours on a Saturday to help someone with a problem they may be having? I would, I have and I will again, but that is what makes me successful, I do what many others are not willing to do.

How Will You Know

I knew that this is what I wanted to do when I would come home on the weekend from my retail management career after working 14 hours and see the depressed look on my wives face. She worked Monday through Friday and was off the weekends, I worked retail (weekends are very busy) and she was home all alone and just that sad look in her eyes made me know I had to find something else.

For some people it is for family, some people it is for money, some people just something to do in their spare time. There is no right or wrong reason to consider an internet marketing opportunity but only you will know your true reason why you are considering it and that “why” should be your driving force, and for no reason should you ever give up.

If your dream is to spend more time with your family and be able to go to every ball game, dance recital, parent teacher conference, and field trip and be at every family event; then never give up on that dream. If you are serious than you will do everything in your power to obtain this dream; knowing that if you give up you are giving up on your “why”.

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