Internet Education – What Is It?

The article concerns the following question – Internet Education – What Is It? Gone are the days when one has to rely solely on traditional tools and do all the work manually. Today, the advent of Internet has changed the way people lead their lives. The change is evident in all aspects of living- the way we communicate, work, shop or even perform our daily chores. The impact of online technology can be felt immensely on education too.

Internet Education - What Is It

Technology has not only brought a change in the way we perceive education but also extended the scope in which education can be offered or received. One can see the shift not only in the environmental settings of that being from traditional schools to virtual classrooms, but also in the manner in which education is delivered thanks to the concept of Internet education.


To define Internet education, one can say that it is basically offering courses or education via the Internet to students. In other words, it is also referred as e-learning that includes all forms of training imparted online. Electronically supported learning and teaching which are aimed at spreading knowledge or disseminating information with reference to individual experience, practice and knowledge of the learner is referred to as Internet education.

Spreading knowledge beyond classrooms

The popular concept of Internet learning makes education accessible for people outside the four walls of classrooms and brings it to their homes. With the help of online learning one need not wait to attend school or attend training sessions once or periodically in a physical setting as they can pursue online courses without going to a school or a training institute.

Uses electronic applications

Internet education includes the use of electronic applications and processes including computer-based learning, Web-based learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration. While opting for e-learning, one can access content via the electronic form, intranet/extranet, satellite television, audio or video tape and CD-ROM. Either it is instructor-led or basically a self-tutoring based learning process, including media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio.

Although Internet education may or may not be delivered synchronously, but it entails the transfer of skills and knowledge through computer and network enabled system. It does not require students to meet teachers and attend classes, lectures or labs.

Offers comprehensive education

Learning through the Internet has undoubtedly helped the cause of dissemination of information and knowledge as well as exchange and sharing of ideas on several topics. Through Internet education, students can clear their doubts on vital issues with the help of research on net almost within a few seconds. One can attain information on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from arts to science, history to accounting, politics, business, sports, culture and religious issues at the click of a mouse.

Although, opportunities for learning through the traditional mode are aplenty that can help people broaden their knowledge base, but education through Internet is emerging as the most preferred mode of learning for most people across the world given that it makes learning more fun and practical. So, if you are planning to pursue a degree or training certificate, you need not apply in a university but you can choose to enroll for online courses, thereby attaining knowledge through the Internet.

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