Importance of getting backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

The following article is about Importance of getting backlinks for Search Engine Optimization. If you have been reading up on SEO I am sure you have come across the term backlink more than once. If you are not sure what they are then it is time to learn the importance of backlinks in SEO . A backlink is nothing more than a link from another site that points to yours. The search engines view backlinks as “votes” for your site.

Importance of getting backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

The more votes you have the better the chances you have of your site being viewed as trustworthy and important. Basically a backlink, or inbound link, indicates the popularity of your site. These inbound links are crucial to the SEO process of your site because building high quality backlinks helps your site get indexed faster in the search engines.

They also increase your chances of improving your rankings for the targeted keywords. When deciding how relevant your site is to a keyword search, the search engines take the number of these backlinks into consideration.

However, just creating backlinks isn’t enough. Another thing that search engines like Google consider is the quality of your backlink. The quality of a backlink is given a lot of importance when considering the relevance of a website in search results. So, this is also a factor to your rankings.

What makes a google backlink a quality link?

If the website that links to yours is of the same theme or niche, that backlink will be viewed as more relevant than one that comes from a site that is un-related. Or if the link to your site is linked with keyword anchor text that is relevant to your site, then that link will be of a higher quality than a link with irrelevant anchor text. That means that the higher the relevancy of the link the higher the quality.

Furthermore, it is also important to obtain backlinks with a wide range of IP diversity. That simply means backlinks from different domains on different servers; it isn’t enough to get a large number of links from just one site. This became a major factor when webmasters began to trick the search engines by manipulating their own pages. It is much tougher to manipulate links from sites that do not belong to you.
So to sum up … What makes a quality backlink?

  • Links with relevant keyword anchor text
  • Links from similar sites
  • Links with IP diversity

Creating backlinks is a crucial step to the growth of your site and business. It is very important that you remember to give priority to creating quality backlinks. These links can mean the difference between success and failure for your site. Since time is always a consideration, if you cannot find the time than considering outsourcing looking into a SEO company. Whatever it takes, make sure it gets done. It is time consuming but not impossible to create these backlinks on a consistent basis.

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