If You Don’t Know What List Building Is, It’s Time to Find Out

If You Don’t Know What List Building Is, It’s Time to Find Out About It. You may be new to online marketing and are hearing about list building, but you aren’t quite sure what it is or why you need to do it.  Simply put, list building means collecting the names and e-mail addresses of potential leads or clients so that you can build a relationship and market your offer to them.

If You Don’t Know What List Building Is, It’s Time to Find Out


List building helps you make more money

Those who do not choose to build a list are leaving a substantial amount of money on the table.  Why?  Because they are counting on those that visit their website or blog to buy from them, and that normally doesn’t happen on a first visit.  How do you know if that person will return?  You don’t.

By building a list, you get permission from your lead or opt-in because they choose to get information from you.  This gives you the opportunity to earn their trust through your e-mail messages, meaning they will be much more likely to buy from you.

You have the potential to form JV’s with other marketers

Once you build a sizeable list, other marketers will want to form JVs (joint ventures) with you.  This simply means they will ask you to promote their product/service to your list for a portion of the profits.  Even though you are promoting someone else’s product, you will earn money from each transaction.

Building a list means sustained income for years to come

When you have a big list of subscribers, you can market current and future products (as long as they are related to the subscriber’s needs) for an undetermined time well in to the future.  A targeted list means a stable, sustainable income you can count on.  You do not have to count on getting traffic to your website and hoping that your traffic converts because you have people on your list who are already interested.

Now that you understand a bit more about list building, what are you waiting for?

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