How to Start a Professional Blog

The article gives guidelines on How to Start a Professional Blog. When someone said, “Start Blogging is easy”. That’s true for casual blogging. Create a blog name, register your blog for free account with or and start writing.

How to Start a Professional Blog

How to start a professional blog? Pro blogging needs a detailed plan and I identify these 7 important steps to start a professional blog.

Learn from the top pro bloggers. I highly recommend that you buy e-book or take a coaching or mentoring before you register your blog. They will provide you a right guide to pro blogging that doesn’t go wrong and cut your learning time. Blog Cash Coaching is one-stop classroom for blogging profits.
Decide on a blog topic. Decide a topic first before you choose a blog name. Identify what you like to write about. I can be your hobby, passion or expertise.
Create a blog name that reflects your topic. Make your blog name as a domain name.
Buy a domain name and publish your blog in your own hosting. Choose a web hosting that provides unlimited disc space and a script installer or Fantastico installer so you can install software from easily with just a click. Please note that is for self-hosted blog and is for free hosted blog. The reason why people choose as their blog platform is: WordPress is state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

Pick a WordPress theme. You can choose among thousands of free WordPress themes inside your WordPress blog or you can buy WordPress themes equipped with built-in plugins such as WordPress Adsense or WordPress Super Affiliates. When you intend to be a pro blogger, you will monetize your blog with Adsense or Affiliate program, so this WordPress SuperAdsense or WordPress SuperAffiliate comes handy.
Do research on keywords that relate to your topic before you start writing your posts. View and analyze other blogs that rank the top using the same keywords as yours.
You can write the first 10 posts by using keywords that you pick. You can write a mix of short and long blog posts but do remember to write one or two quality content of blog posts every week.

You can do step 6 together with step 2. You decide on the topic and choose the keywords. If you know that the choice of your keywords is not popular, you can still change the topic and keywords before you register the domain name. Once domain name is registered, you only have within 5 days to change to another name.

If you have done the 7 important steps to start a professional blog, then you can start marketing your blog to social networking and other blog directories with your 10 blog posts. Do remember that you are a pro blogger now. Plan to write your blog posts by including keywords and judging your readers’ interest.

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