How to optimize your Google Adsense ads

In that article you will find some basic information on How to optimize your Google Adsense ads. Google’s advertising program Adsense is hands down the easiest way to make money on the internet, if you have a website of course. Registering and setting your advertisement up is straight forward and simple however placing an ad with stock colors in a random location on your website and forgetting about it can potentially make you lose on a ton of revenue.

How to optimize your Google Adsense ads

With Google Adsense, maximizing your revenue consists of continuous trial and error with different combinations in terms of positioning, colors and design. There are some known combinations that seem to work better usually compared to others though.

  • Placement
    When it comes to placement above the fold always seems to work better than leaving the ad tucked in a sidebar where it is hardly visible, placing ads right above content and on screen before a website is scrolled down is known to improve CTR as it gives the visitor the impression that it is the most important content of the website and also because noticing the ads is a given. Using the heatmap provided in the Adsense help can also help identify locations that work well to improve CTR.
  • Design
    Adsense offers a multitude of different design combinations to choose from, these consist of text and image ads of different sizes, text ads are known to perform better as image ads also known as banners have been around since the Internet was born and is synonymous with ads making visitors blind to these ads. When it comes to the size of the ad, the large rectangle performs very well when used in combination with the content on the website and improves CTR, skyscrapers on the sidebar can capture clicks from the lurking surfer.
  • Colors
    Colors depend on the audience of the website; a site targeting children would be well suited to using a random color that does not blend with any part of the website. Using the default hyperlink blue however seems to work well as visitor perception is geared to click on text with the default hyperlink color. Another good combination would be blending the colors with the theme of the site; this makes it look more like part of the site and less like an ad encouraging a visitor to click on it.

If you haven’t optimized your ads based on the tips above, it’s time you head to the testing grounds and try these combinations out, don’t be surprised if your revenue increases by a huge percentage!

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