How to Make Online Profit from Blogging

This article tells you How to Make Online Profit from Blogging. There is no magic formula or get rich quick scheme to make online profit from blogging. All you need to do is to learn professional blogging, to blog correctly with original quality content and to learn ways to drive traffic to your blog. You are working toward a long term goal with pro blogging. Blog is an excellent marketing tool and blog is your gateway to broadcast to social networking and social bookmarking sites. Before you start blogging, you shall decide the topic and methods to make online profit from pro blogging.  I’m going to discuss 5 options to make online profit from blogging.

How to Make Online Profit from Blogging


Earn from Advertisements

Most bloggers are blogging for information and the advertisers love information blog. You can apply google adsense or textlink advertising in your blog. Once your blog has steady high traffic, the advertisers will look for you or you can propose to advertisers with the proof of your page rank or Alexa rank.

Selling E-products

If you have knowledge or expertise, you can create e-book or software to sell. You can recruit thousands affiliates to promote your products. There are lots to take care if you create your own products such as a compelling sales letter, market survey, promotion etc. I believe not everyone can create e-product easily. A short cut will be to sell Private Label Rights or Master Resell Rights products.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is excellent way to make online profit by selling people’s products. You don’t need to create products and they provide marketing tools such as banner, email, sharing articles. What you need is to write a review and attach their link or banner.

Blog Flipping – Selling Blogs/Websites for Profit

This becomes the trend for pro bloggers. They design a nice blogs and websites, put some contents and sell them to other people to make online profit.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing or MLM are used to be offline marketing. With the internet and technology, network marketing companies adopt Internet marketing strategy and we can market them through the Internet. Let’s take a look at GDI. GDI provides excellent marketing tools, attractive videos. You need to take a look at 2 factors when you want to make online profit from network marketing: the product trend and the marketing tools. With network marketing, you can make online profit not only at the selling point but a multi tiered income which can go up to 5 to 7 levels.

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