How to Make List Building a Quicker Process

The article concerns the question – How to Make List Building a Quicker Process. For some, list building seems like a slow process that takes forever.  You’ve been collecting names and e-mail addresses for a month, and so far you have 20 people on your list.  Discouraging to say the least!  List building can be a much quicker process with these tips.

How to Make List Building a Quicker Process


Make your giveaway offer incredible

Many people will not sign up to your list if your offer isn’t really enticing.  Whether you are giving away a small report, e-book, mini-course, video lessons, or something else, make it irresistible.  In order to collect your visitor’s e-mail address, you have to make your offer so great that the reader thinks, “Wow, I’ve got to have that!”

List building can be a tricky process, but once you understand how to do it effectively it will be your most valuable marketing tool.

Offer a chance to sign up everywhere

Some marketers make the mistake of having sign-up opportunities that are too limited.  For example, you may have an opt-in box on your website, and you may link to this page from your articles.  This isn’t enough!

Put your opt-in box on every page of your website, and design a special “squeeze page” that only allows the person landing on that page to either sign up or leave.  Link to this squeeze page from articles, forum signatures, social networking sites, etc.

Once your list starts growing quickly, keep your subscribers

You don’t want to build a huge list only to have your subscribers unsubscribe.  Keep them on your list by sending them valuable information.  Talk about their pain/problem and offer an occasional freebie.  Poll your readers, and ask them what their biggest problem is.

Build trust with your list, and genuinely care about helping them.  When they feel that you have their best interest in mind, they will remain a loyal customer for years to come.  As long as you provide value, you won’t have to worry about a high volume of unsubscribers.

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