How To Get Quality Traffic

The article gives some information on How To Get Quality Traffic. Getting traffic has become a major challenge  for internet marketers especially beginners. We read everywhere that we have to write good content, do SEO and get to google first page to get traffic. We are also advised to join social network, write articles on article directories, share our articles or pages on Facebook, tweet, ping, pin, digg, reddit and whatever people do to get traffic.

How To Get Quality Traffic

These are all good advise and work for a lot of people. If you have been in the online marketing business for a while, you will understand  that the goal of all these is to get people to come to your websites, buy the products or services you are offering and earn you commission.

Unfortunately,  things do not always happen as they should. How many times have we had a bust of traffic but no sale……. When this happens, the experience can become very frustrating and makes you want to believe nothing you do will ever work, but again, people who tells us to do these are doing them and getting results, so what are we missing.

Many people who tell us to go get traffic usually forget to tell us the kind to get. Getting traffic is one thing, getting “Quality Traffic” is another. Yes, they either miss out the word “Quality” or we just did not pick it up. Before we can get any conversion from the generated traffic, we must have attracted the right kind.

What then is Quality Traffic and how do we get them?


What Is Quality Traffic?

We refer to our website visitors as traffic, the more of them we have visiting the higher the likelihood of making a sale. People visit websites for different reasons, some to get free information, some for comparism and some because they are passionate about the niche either because they are fans, supporters or to get answers and solutions to their problems.

This third category referred to as the “Hungry Crowd” are usually willing to spend money. They are the Quality Traffic.

How Do We Get Quality Traffic

Every internet marketer is in a race to get to Google first page. We do all the above mentioned things and more to get into any position on the first page. Again this does not guarantee that we are going to get enough traffic because even after getting to page 1 on Google, the competition is still on.

There are 10 positions on the first page of Google and the number of traffic we get depend on what position we are on the page. Here is the analysis of the traffic distribution.

  • 1st position get 42 % of the total traffic
  • 2nd position gets 12% of the traffic
  • 3rd position gets 8%

and so on. The lower you are on the list the lesser the number of traffic you get.

This means that after competing with 1000s of pages to get to page 1, we still have to compete for the percentage of traffic we get ……. Whoop!  What an exhausting situation.

Have you ever imagined what you will achieve if you can get your product or service to people who are in need of it before they go searching……..

What if you do not have to compete so much with other competitor because you had already reached your potential clients before they got to Google…..

We can get to these hungry crowds by doing Forums Marketing.

Forum Marketing involves participating in forums that are relevant to your businesses. You answer poeple’s questions, leave good helpful information for others and build trust and friends on these forums. When people start to appreciate your help and trust your knowledge, they will not hesitate to do business with you. This is where you can be everywhere for the right reasons. Add your website URL and a nice tag-line to your post signatures where available and remember not to spam, else you loss good quality traffic.

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