How to Easily Create a Get Paid Blog to Make Money By Blogging

The article gives guidelines on How to Easily Create a Get Paid Blog to Make Money By Blogging.

How to Easily Create a Get Paid Blog to Make Money By Blogging


Find Your Passion

If you are passionate about something, chances are that you can blog about it and get paid. So what you need to do first, is to find out how much traffic you can get from the search engines to you choice niche.

Keyword Research Tool

You will need to use a keyword research tool.  This tool will help you determine the amount of visitors that you can expect to get to your choice niche blog. This is the most important step.  Because, if you don’t have visitors to your blog, you may as well not even bother. Right?

Using The Keyword Research Tool

Open up your keyword research tool, type a search phrase into it just like you would in google, if you were looking for that passion you were thinking about.  The tool will then return the following data for you.

  • A list of related keyword search terms that you can use to write your information articles to let people know about your niche…
  • The number of times per month people have searched for your target niche…
  • The number of visitors that you can expect to be getting to your blog, depending on how attractive your subject lines look in google…
  • How much competition you are up against for each of your related search terms on that keyword list…
  • What hot domain names are currently available on your keyword list…

That is all it takes to lay the foundation for a profitable blog. And don’t kid yourself, there are thousands of niches out there.

Setting Up Your Blog

For actually setting up your blog, if there is anything that you are not sure how to do, like making it SEO friendly of picking a nice theme and so on.

There is a Step-by-step video training series available that walks you through each step, plus there is unlimited support available if you happen to get stuck. We also give you FREE hosting. So you can actually get started for free right now if you want.

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