How to choose a good web hosting service

The following article gives information on How to choose a good web hosting service. One of the most important decisions you must make when starting a blog is to choose a good hosting service. This decision will make big difference around an experience your readers have on your site. But there are a huge number of companies offering this service, so many things to consider and decide, so it is necessary to know some tips for choosing a good hosting is not an issue that makes you a headache.

How to choose a good web hosting service

Here I leave some things to consider when looking for the best hosting service:

The Price

Bear in mind as you’re willing to pay. This is an important but not determining factor when it comes to getting a good hosting service.

The monthly service fee can range from $ 1 (on shared servers) to several hundred dollars (dedicated servers) depending on the amount of traffic to your website. If you are serious about your website, do not be stingy, invest some money to have no long-term headaches for the growth of your website. For starters I recommend starting on shared servers ranging from 9-20 dollars a month and then see if you happen to need a dedicated server.

Amount of Space

A hosting company gives you a certain amount of space on the server’s hard disk. You must ensure that this is the amount of space your site needs. In the future you need more space. For this it is essential that the hosting provider offers a variety of plans for you to choose the best suited to your website. If your site has a few files (audios, downloads, videos, images, etc..) Can start with 1 GB of space, but I recommend 10GB, as your site starts to accumulate files and will get bigger.

Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

You also need to see if your provider offers sufficient bandwidth for web traffic or having your website traffic you expect to have. Here’s what you need your website to transfer data to your users. The amount of bandwidth you need depends on the amount of monthly visitors you have and the type of data used. To begin with a bandwidth of 10GB per month will be fine, but if your website traffic grows you will need to increase this.


Whenever you are choosing a hosting service is important to check the uptime of the servers, that is, what percentage of time the server will be online, usually most of these guarantee an uptime of 99.9% online. A site that is down, slow it will lose many visitors. But how do you know that a site is reliable? Easy, by the comments of others, seeks comments on forums, specialized sites. Here I recommend some sites to see comments or to ask for references from other hosting providers:

Web Hosting – Web Forums
Hosting and Domains – Cristalab
Hosting – ForoBeta
Host Review
Web Hosting Geeks

Customer Service, Support, Help

Does the supplier offer 24 hour support 7 days a week? Quickly Solve your problem? Has support via email or phone or chat?

Make sure the hosting provider has good customer service before they even pick a specific plan.

Choose the plan that meets all your requirements

Does the provider supports PHP and MySQL or another language you need? Need an FTP server to upload your files?

You must make sure that the hosting provider offers the services you need for your site to work properly. For WordPress you need to have PHP and MySQL in recent versions and some other libraries to function properly.

Avoid hostings on sell (Oversellers)

On shared servers, you divide the bandwidth and disk space between all users of the server. All goes well until then, but when the company sells its plans on hosting, the server is congested and the bandwidth and disk space is divided between a large number of users, making the submission and server crashes Site slowness.


If you really want a quality hosting you spend enough time researching, asking about different hosting companies. Not always the cheapest solution in the most suitable.

If you choose wrong, then falls regret with your site, moved to another server, and so on.

My recommendation

Historically this blog has been hosted on HostGator and have never had problems with them. I tried their online chat, your support really helps and is highly recommended. So if you want a good hosting I recommend HostGator. It is your own choice to choose hosting.

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