How to Become the Prom Queen or King in the Blogging World!

The article gives guidelines on How to Become the Prom Queen or King in the Blogging World! We have all been shown and taught that having your own blog can be and should be a very powerful tool in your business or part of your networking efforts. While all of these videos, articles, audio discs and conversations that you have had over time pretty much say the same thing, I am still finding people that have this big question mark that takes over their face!

How to Become the Prom Queen or King in the Blogging World!


Popularity Contest online is no Different

The way I have been taught and the way I teach others is that your blog and or your content that you provide to the world is one that is ranked by popularity. Just as you went through high school and the student body voted for certain people to become the Prom Queen and King, the internet is very similar. While in school you were able to cast “votes”; with the invention of the internet and the way it ranks the trillions of pieces of information is like a vote.

The content and or your blog that you produce and put online is actually voted (within the search engines eyes) by how many links that you have pointing at your site.

For every link that points at your site equals a vote, now just like politics (I know geesh politics), some links or “votes” can have more leverage and have more weight than others.

There are many ways to get links to your site:

While there are numerous ways to get links back to your site, some free (besides your time) and some paid ways, I have made the video below to show you how to get numerous links to your site within minutes. While I do practice what I preach there are a few things that I would like to clarify before you start following my example and link to sites that sell dog bones if you don’t sell dog bones.

1. Any site you link to, make sure that it is relevant to your niche or industry –

2. Be polite and think of the other person you are connecting with – this could be a future client, friend or even a future business partner.

So you may be wondering what this technique I am referencing and how it may be this simple, the technique is called blog commenting. I know you have heard of it but are you doing it; One, two or three different blogs/comments a day?

Just like High School Prom Queen or King is not….

Won in one day! Prom Queen and King are the people that normally very sociable, have many friends, look for ways to help other people, involved in many school or community activities and make sure they are open to new opportunities. They find ways to become more educated and then share their knowledge with other people; they are normally the ones that become servants of others….

You may be wondering how to do that…..

It starts with your blog, educating yourself by reading books on leadership, self development, and learning new skills and sharing the knowledge by writing an article or making a video.

Next find a group of people that have the same desires and goals as you do, I started by joining a Social Media Tribe (this skyrocketed my blog – thank you all in my tribe!) and start learning from other peoples blogs and leaving a comment. This comment then provides a link back to your site, equaling a “vote”. The more blogs you find, the more comments you leave, means more and more links back to your blog! Get more links and become more popular!

Watch the video below and see how exactly to do this and all I ask for in return is a comment on if you are following this idea and how you are benefiting from it!

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