Having Trouble with Your Listbuilding Taking Off?

Having Trouble with Your Listbuilding Taking Off? Try Public Schools. Most people that get into affiliate marketing would dream of having products that they can sell and forget. E-books are a prime commodity that way, especially as the listbuilding carrot. You don’t have to pay shipping costs. You don’t have to pack them. You don’t even have to inventory them. However, this might start off a little slowly at first and can be discouraging for many new marketers.

Having Trouble with Your Listbuilding Taking Off?


Starting Partnerships with Schools

A great way to get the ball rolling is to start a partnership with local schools. Public or private, schools are businesses just like any other. They have a corresponding corporate hierarchy, which may include government offices, in the case of Public Schools. They also have a great affiliate potential.

Let’s say that your product, an audio cookbook, is already set up on the Internet with ClickBank. It’s not really going anywhere – or at least as much as you want it to. First, you should contact ClickBank – and anyone else who you have provided Pay-Per-Click –  to let them know that your page will soon be getting a jump in clicks from a certain area and why. That way, they won’t flag you for spamming your clicks. Then, open up your phone book and begin with the private schools. Don’t stop with one when you can have them all.

Lean on Private Schools for This Partnership Venture

As a starting partnership venture, private schools are honestly the best. They don’t have state support, so they’re more likely in need of money than the public schools. Their tuitions are consequently higher than many people can afford. In fact, some parents work at these schools to waive all or part of the tuition. The reason for this comes down to them being strapped for cash.

Making your Partnership Proposal

Your partnership proposal should ultimately amount to a certain percent of your sales that will go into funding some project or another of theirs in exchange for them driving your product. Once the numbers are all worked out, you will suddenly have a much larger marketing workforce at your disposal.

First of all, these schools will typically have a “brick and mortar” campus. They will put up signs and banners all over the place, advertising your product – not just advertising your product, but also it will give people an altruistic reason to buy it, like “Support our School. Help us afford to provide lunches. Buy this Audio Cookbook.”

Secondly, the schools will most likely engage the children and their families in this same advertising campaign. This is especially true for the parents who volunteer at the school. They may buy your product. They may tell their families. They may even go door to door to sell your AudioBook. Your sales WILL jump with very little effort on your part.

Once you have success in this venture, you can see the benefit of expanding your services. Why settle for your local private schools? There’s nothing at all saying that you couldn’t run this promotion across the country. Of course, you can also expand to the public schools. If you can prove to them that your partnership benefited this and that private school, they will be putty in your hands. The whole trick is to start local and start small.

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