Having An Online Presence

In the article it is spoken about Having An Online Presence. Home based businesses are becoming more of an option due to the recession; day in day out people are being laid off jobs and the rate of unemployment continue to increase. Another common reason people opt for stay at home work is the need to spend more time with family; parents are beginning to realize they are missing out of their children’s upbringing, thus, many women now work from home. Financial freedom, flexibility, earning from the comfort of the home are also advantages people can not overlook.

Having An Online Presence

Home business, is not only for those not in employment or for small business owners, it is also considered by professionals like Lawyers, Editors, Data Analyst among others. In fact, more than half of all the businesses in the Unites States are now home based.

Can Anyone Be A Successful Home Business Owner?

More and more people are giving up their paid job in other to get the freedom and benefits derived from working from home, but from statistics, only 44% of small businesses make it past their 4th year. This figure can raise doubt and worry about the chances of becoming successful working from home.

Anyone can make a success of their business if they have the knowhow and put into it the required amount of work and time. Some of the known reasons why small business owners fail are:

  • Not being able to separate work and home-life. Most people become distracted with domestic chores and end up not putting enough work and time into their business to enable success.
  • Falling out of contact with other people and businesses. Being cut out from buyers’ and competitors’ network will ultimately lead to  failure as it becomes difficult to know what buyers want or what competitors are doing.
  • Business Location: The tendency to work long hours none stop is high with home businesses, thereby forfeiting one of the major purpose for starting the business. This can lead to frustration and stress which lead to poor management and eventual failure.
  • Because most home-based businesses can only thrive when the owners are present and active, the business becomes stagnant when owner is away or ill.

It therefore, become necessary to find ways to leverage these issues; people need to find a way to separate work life from family life, be available to their buyers/clients and create opportunities and avenues to meet new ones, know what their competitors are doing and know how to earn even when they are away from home.
Over the years, the internet has played a major role in solving most of these problems, people are beginning to realize the importance of having an online presence and are now taking their businesses to the internet.

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