Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

In this article we will be discussing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies. Are you spending more money on marketing for your home business other than getting customers? Well no more then, try Guerrilla marketing ideas and watch your customers chase you. How? Read on to know more or else click on our informative guide for easy access to wonderful Guerrilla marketing ideas.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

Guerrilla Marketing – Successful Marketing Ideas

In Guerilla marketing nothing conventional is followed to draw in customers to your business. It usually includes non-traditional and extremely flexible promotional methods that act as effective marketing tactics. These are usually done by SMEs, however, home online businesses can also take up the tactics to survive the competition and develop by leaps and bound. Guerilla marketing is not about spending lots of money, it’s about being creative and impulsive. With your best marketing efforts you must make your customers think about you and ultimately lead them to buy your product.

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas – Some Creative Ones

Here are a few creative things you can do:

Social Networking

In social networking you can use guerilla marketing and display your creativity. For example, in Facebook you can share a banner on the WALL and your friends will view it immediately when they log into their account. Thus, you can show your creative skills here. In MySpace and Twitter you can use effective punch lines and paste link to draw people to your website. Once they click on the link and visit your online home business website you already have a visitor.

Direct Mails

You can create a list of people on your network sites and find out their email ids. Create an effective marketing mail, written in the best manner with wonderful graphics and other illustrations to attract visitors to the site. This is one of the best Guerrilla marketing ideas today to bring in good traffic. Make sure that the marketing mail has loads of realistic question with answers given to only few. An intrigued customer will surely visit your site.

Free Gifts

This is a very common but effective marketing tactics used by many. In Guerrilla marketing the free gift tactic is a great option. However, make sure that the free gift is related. If you are selling baby products then distribute parenting books or baby cream and shampoo sachets. If it is related to garments, you can give out free fashion catalogs.

Follow your Competitors

Among the Guerrilla marketing ideas, following your competitor is a really sound tactic. How? Have a look at our guide.

There are more such queer but effective tactics that can draw customers to your door. To know more you have to simply click on our online home business guide.

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