Grid hosting technology explained

In the following article the Grid hosting technology explained. Grid hosting is a relatively new addition to the vast array of different types of hosting available. The concept however, has been around for quite some time and has long been used by web giants to maintain websites and store information. The idea lies behind using multiple processors to compute several instructions where the power maybe shared among the CPUs making efficient use of resources.

Grid hosting technology explained

Web hosting companies are slowly shifting towards grid hosting and embracing this method to offer services to customers. Grid hosting is also sometimes referred to as clustered hosting or cloud hosting. Grid hosting services are very economical and cost similar to or a tad more than the cost of shared hosting plans.

The Grid hosting concept is gaining reputation as it is capable of providing plenty of computing power while still remaining very economical relatively. Sites hosted on grid hosting servers rarely suffer downtime due to sudden traffic spikes due to the above mentioned method of multiple processors in comparison to shared hosting which almost always results in downtime if it receives an overwhelming traffic spike from a source like Digg or likewise.

Prices of grid hosting plans vary from $5-$100 a month. There are a handful or services that have gained reputation for its grid hosting plan, lets look at some of them:

  • Media Temple
    Grid hosting is currently almost synonymous with Mediatemple, a google search for ‘grid hosting’ displays Mediatemple as the first result which compliments the former statement. Mediatemple has gained reputation for its impressive Grid hosting plan that is priced at only $20/month and offers a wealth of services for the price including 1 terabyte of network transfer and 100 GB of disk space. Servers are instantly available after purchase with blazing fast FTP speeds and customer support. They advertise the service emphasizing on the ability to handle traffic spikes which is the highlight behind the Mediatemple Grid hosting plan.
  • Go Daddy webhosting
    Go Daddy is one of the best web hosting companies (if not the best) hosting millions of domains and providing an array of different plans and features to choose from. They have recently turned towards Grid hosting and are offering the plan for a staggering $5 (thus the $5-100 range mentioned above) a month as the service is still in beta. Standard features are equal to Mediatemple’s plan with 100GB of web space and 1TB of transfer volume per month.
  • 1-800-Hosting
    1-800-Hosting advertise their grid hosting services with the less familiar Cloud hosting term (as mentioned above). The plans are available in 3 different levels that feature impressive baronial processing power, however the price has not been publicly advertised which suggests that they are probably suited to someone with a higher budget. The aforementioned 3 services are what you should primarily consider based on my research if you are looking for a grid hosting plan, however there are plenty of other less popular services that maybe more economical and just as reliable with several new services being established everyday. The future of grid hosting seems promising; as new web hosts identify the advantage behind cloud hosting, shared hosting would eventually be replaced by grid hosting technology over time.

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