Government Grants And Scholarship Schemes For The Needy

This article is about Government Grants And Scholarship Schemes For The Needy. Paying for higher education is something that puts everyone into deep thoughts. However, there are number of options to choose from when attempting to accumulate the required finances. First place to start looking from is government grants and scholarships.

Government Grants And Scholarship Schemes For The Needy

Apart from that, another option to consider is work-study programs. They are available in abundant numbers and can be availed by anyone who is willing to put in extra efforts to pay for his/ her education. Because it is online education we are talking about, taking out time won’t be hard due to flexible schedules. Contact the institutes finances department for ways available and they would be more than happy to help you fill the required application forms available and explain the various options available.

The reason why government grants and scholarships are considered to be the best form of finance is because they do not have to be repaid unlike all other loans. Grants are available with federal and state governments. There are also some schools and universities which give grants to help the deserving. Let us discuss some prominent grants available to choose from.


The Pell Grants:

This grant is considered to be one of the largest sources of aid and is awarded to high school pass students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in some stream or the other. Purely based on financial need, this is very highly regarded by those whose life standards are below average. They are awarded for a period of one year (July – June); starts from $400 and goes up to $5,350. The next year, the same amount would be $5,550.

What amount is awarded to an applicant is based on the total family earning, the fee of the college where education is being taken, whether the mode of education is full time, part time or online and whether you take the schooling seriously or not. Remember that these grants cannot be availed in multiples but only once. I.e. only one grant would be awarded even if you attend two schools at the same time.

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants:

These grants are also for those who belong to the needy class. Priority is given to those who are recipients of Pell Grants as they are already are the needy ones. Amounts of these grants vary from as low as $100 to as high as $4,000. The amount is based on when the application is submitted, the degree to which the applicant requires the loan and the kind of funds that are required to get education.

All application forms that require filling and submission are available online and can be downloaded. Before submitting the same, make sure you get it double checked from someone who knows about the whole affair so that you do not lose out on the grant because of rejection due to incorrect form filling. Also ensure that you meet the requirement criterions as the forms are properly scrutinized. It should be devoid of any spelling or grammatical mistakes which are reason enough for rejection of the application.

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