Google Analytics – The New Face

The article gives some basic information on Google Analytics – The New Face. For thousands of web analytics guys around the world, the new Google Analytics (GA) version is bringing a wide smile.

Google Analytics – The New Face

With Google adorning it with some really cool features (it was time they do it though), GA is now becoming even more interesting and comprehensive.

So let’s dive in straight away and check out the latest features.


Multiple Dashboards

For many years GA users had to be content with a standardized dashboard. However, keeping pace with the dynamic and increasingly complex web world, GA now allows users to create as many as 20 customized dashboards. These customized dashboards can be created using widgets and metrics that are most relevant and applicable to the company and its nature of business. With these dashboards, companies can get an instant overview of the site performance and key stats related to overall goals and targets. However, bear in mind that these dashboards can be viewed only be users of the same login.

Real-Time Data

This is yet another extremely important (probably even more than the dashboard feature) enhancement developed in the new GA version. Before this, GA took up to 24 hours to capture and report data. However, now users can monitor site activity as it happens. You can get drill-down stats on the top activity pages, top referrals, keywords and geographic locations driving traffic. Not just this, the real-time data reports also offer test campaign tracking before launching campaigns.

Social Engagement

As social media becomes an inseparable part of online marketing, you can now keep a tab of your social media efforts with this newly introduced Social Media reports. Through this you can monitor the total number of people who are socially engaged with your website on which social network. To make this report more comprehensive, you can even buy social plugins like ShareThis or AddThis that easily integrate with Google Analytics to track social media interactions. So, be it tracking Facebook ‘likes’ and comments, tracking tweets on Twitter or tracking the most talked about pages, the social media report gives all.

Webmaster Tools

This is yet another really cool feature added by GA and very helpful if you are into SEO. With this you can easily track which Google property among web, image and local, drives highest traffic. The Webmaster Tools report provides data based on typical metrics like clicks, impressions, average position and CTR. For this, you need to link your GA account to your Google Webmaster account of that particular website. Alert! Do not take these figures as is and only to check the general trend as the report is not 100% accurate.

Visitor Flow & Goal Flow Visualization

This is one of my personal favorites. Displayed using really smart graphics, both these reports give the entire path that your visitors took. You can also drill-down and segment the report based on traffic sources, new and returning visitors. An absolute delight to ensure that visitors are taking the path that you want them to take. The goal flow visualization is an enhanced version of the earlier funnel visualization that helps you to keep a close tab on your funnel/checkout pages.

Multi-channel Funnels

The multi-channel funnel is an attempt to answer the raging war between web marketers over the issue of channel attribution. With visitors using multiple channels to visit and buy online, which channel should the visit or conversion be attributed to has always been debated. Multiple reports in the new Multi-Channel Funnels allow users to view further back than the final channel.

For e.g. If a person visits your site first from a paid search ad, then from an organic search listing, then from Facebook, and finally from an email link, the report will show all the channels used during the visits. The report shows interactions during the 30 days before the conversion. This report allows better channel attribution and investing efforts in the right mediums.

Wow, so the list was long. The addition of these features is bound to make the good old GA more efficient and complete.

Would love to hear from you about the most appealing new feature in GA. Bring them on guys!

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