Godaddy Unlimited Plan vs HostGator Shared Plan

That article is about Godaddy Unlimited Plan vs HostGator Shared Plan. The web hosting market is in serious competition and with new web hosting services launching everyday with unbelievable plans it doesn’t look like this niche would ever settle. Web hosting giants like Godaddy and HostGator however seem to be sitting comfortably as market leaders managing hosting with millions of domains, if your budget employs their hosting plans settling for one of the two can be a decision filled with dilemma.

Godaddy Unlimited Plan vs HostGator Shared Plan

GoDaddy’s unlimited hosting plan and HostGator’s shared plans are probably their most popular plans considering their very economic price tag. Choosing between these two plans boils down to efficiency in their core features as the features on paper seem to be quite identical. Some of the aspects you’d look for in a good host would be customer support, security, speed and reliability.

Comparison between GoDaddy and HostGator

Godaddy’s unlimited hosting plan is priced at $15 which is more than all 3 different shared hosting plans available by Hostgator, their hosting plans are available from $5-$13, difference in the hosting plans include number of domains supported and business features like a toll free number. Based on price, Hostgator would be the better option however Godaddy has coupons and long term discounts available that should make the difference in price very slim.

In terms of popularity Godaddy is apparently more popular than Hostgator, Godaddy is now almost synonymous with web hosting while Hostgator is yet to get that sort of traction on the hosting market. Also branding may play a factor here, Hostgator follows a more informal branding theme that some business might feel edgy to trust while Godaddy maybe more sober as a brand name.

Both hosts are very reliable which is what makes them market leaders. Traffic spikes cause server issues on both hosts however this is true with all shared hosting plans except with servers that implement grid hosting which handles spikes very well. Hostgator’s FTP however, is a lot faster than Godaddy which would make Hostgator your choice if you are looking for more than average uploading of files.

With the numerous features both hosting plans offer, the control panel can get overwhelming to navigate through, browsing through both control panels I found Hostgator’s control panel a lot easier to find my way through compared to Godaddy’s, this may also be a result of Godaddy continually renovating their control panel’s user interface with entirely different navigation.

Godaddy and Hostgator both offer great customer service with email and call support, however Hostgator also provides chat support which makes solving issues a lot more convenient and faster. This is probably not an option with Godaddy as they are probably dealing with a lot more customers.

Finally Hostgator seems to have a higher reputation lately, if you are looking for hosting and you’ve asked for recommendations Hostgator would have been recurringly suggested, angry Godaddy customers have sparked off more than a couple of ‘anti-godaddy’ websites but if you look at it in the perspective that people start to resent you when you are doing something right Godaddy would be a winner here. Based on the comparison you’d see that it’s pretty tight, I’d personally pick Hostgator’s Baby shared hosting plan over the unlimited plan from Godaddy.

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