Getting Traffic to Your Websites

This article is about Getting Traffic to Your Websites. Is It The Hardest Thing You Have Ever Tried to Do? For most new online marketers (and some that aren’t so new), getting traffic to your website seems to be the most difficult part of online marketing.  Does this describe how you feel?  You know that if you don’t start generating more targeted traffic, you may as well give up.  Before you do, take a look at a few of these tips.

Getting Traffic to Your Websites

First of all, don’t ever believe it if someone says getting traffic to your website is a breeze – it isn’t.  It takes work, effort. and dedication to get things flowing!

Work at It Every Day

Getting traffic to your website requires dedication.  It is something you have to work on every day, especially in the beginning weeks and months.  Even if you only know of one way to drive traffic, do it until you learn other tactics.  If you write articles, write several every single day.  Writing articles not only drives traffic from the articles themselves, but it also helps you build page rank through the keyword-rich links you use in your author resource box.

If you blog, get involved in the blogging scene.  Post to your own blog often, and offer interesting, valuable content that other bloggers will link to.  If forums are your forte, work them like never before. Get involved in the conversations, become known as an expert.  Comment on blogs, join social networking sites; give it your all!

SEO – Slow but Essential

While it isn’t the most efficient method for getting traffic to your website, implementing SEO strategies is essential.  By optimizing your website both on-page and off, you will eventually begin to see that your traffic increases.  Update your content often, add new pages, and use your chosen keywords and phrases throughout your content so that it will begin to rank for those keywords.

Building quality inbound links to your site is the most effective strategy you can use to increase page rank, so work on this on a regular basis as well.

Give Away a Free eBook or Report

One really great way to send droves of traffic to your website is to create a free report or eBook. This has the potential to go viral!  Give this product away to everybody — affiliates, other marketers. Let anyone and everyone give your eBook away.  Include your website address a few times within the report or eBook.  If the information you offer in your free giveaway is of substantial value, those reading it will click through to your website to see what other great things you have to offer.

These are just a few ideas that work – if you work.  The results you get equal the effort you put in, so if you do nothing that is exactly what you will get — nothing.

There are tons of different tactics you can use for getting traffic to your website.  Test and tweak, and see what works best for you.  With tenacity and dedication, you will see those traffic numbers rising, which will inspire you to work even harder.

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