Getting Traffic to Your Website with “Online Business Cards”

This article is about Getting Traffic to Your Website with “Online Business Cards”. Interacting with people on the Internet is a great help in getting traffic to your website.  Participating in groups, sending out newsletters to your list, and e-mail conversations all are opportunities to drive traffic.  If you know how to approach the right people, you’ll have targeted traffic.

Getting Traffic to Your Website with “Online Business Cards”


Send Newsletters to Your List

If you have a list to start with, send regular newsletters to them.  In these newsletters, you can announce when you’re having a new launch and direct them to the page.  These people already have opted for mailings, so these messages, along with the e-mails necessary for your product, are pretty well expected.

Overall, you should treat your list like a value club.  Give them the insider information.  Offer discounts and bonuses that they can get “just for being a member.”  Be their friend and they‘ll reciprocate.

Article Marketing – Your Bread and Butter

Write it yourself or outsource it, but do it.  Article marketing should be the backbone of your campaign.  These are the most common results that turn up when people do searches on your niche.  Being “in the mix” in these results is often a great way to introduce yourself to the public.

There’s a certain art to article marketing.  You’ll want your article to rank higher than anyone else’s.  There are certain tricks to the writing that affect your ranking.  Essentially, they amount to “talking the talk” of your niche.

At the end of your article, you will have a resource box or “about the author” section.  This is how the viewer comes to your page.  You can’t advertise it in the article, but you can include a link in the resource box.  Article marketing also gets more effective over time, as you add more articles.

Having a Signature Line in Your Message Profile

Most groups, forums, and e-mail accounts have a place where you can enter a signature line.  Often, it’s used as a place to make a witty or profound comment.  Including your web address in these signature settings is a proverbial online business card.

If you have a mailing list, a signature line acts as a reminder to the people on your list.  In forums and groups, it draws in the world outside of the list.  Taking the time to observe this one gesture will automatically post your web address every time you participate in a conversation.

Naturally, you will want to go into niche-related forums.  The more specific the forum or group is to your niche, the more targeted the traffic is going to be.  You can’t expect that any traffic you would get by posting links to balloons in an auto mechanic’s list would convert.  However, if you post links to balloons on a clown-for-hire list, there’s a good chance that you would get targeted traffic.

If done correctly, this one little extra touch can keep the traffic coming into your site.  Since you’re guaranteed to be talking to people, why not make the most of it?

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