Getting Traffic to Your Website by Tweeting

This article is about Getting Traffic to Your Website by Tweeting. If you’re not using Twitter for getting traffic to your website, you’re missing out.  Some marketers don’t bother, thinking that not much can be done in the few characters you’re allowed in a Tweet.  The thing of it is that you’re not trying to put up full blog posts on Twitter.  You Tweet about the fact that you did put up a new blog post.

Getting Traffic to Your Website by Tweeting


Tweeting About Your Blogging

The most useful thing about Twitter is that you can use it to drive traffic to your blogging site or your other monetized sites.  What it basically amounts to is that you Tweet something to the effect of “My thoughts on…” and provide a link to your website.  Your followers see this, and if they’re interested, follow the link.

Of course, this means that you have to have a list of followers on Twitter.  The great thing about this is that since nearly everyone has a Twitter account, you can just announce that you have one, and everyone that follows your other social media sites will follow your Twitter.  Some, because they already have a Twitter account, and others may create their own accounts to follow yours.

Are the Old Social Media Sites Dead?

Many social media platforms have tools that allow you to import posts from other media sites so that what you Tweet about on Twitter becomes a post on Facebook, Plaxo, Multiply, and so on.  Many people still want the older social media accounts so they can post longer blogs.

From this, it’s easy to see that your more established social media sites aren’t rendered useless by the new micro-blogs.  Some people actually abhor Twitter, just because they don’t want to write little mini-blurbs about their grilled cheese sandwiches.  When your Tweets are imported to these larger sites, you don’t lose the customer base that isn’t impressed by Twitter.

Listbuilding on Twitter-What to Keep in Mind

When you start listbuilding on Twitter, there are some things to consider if you want to impress your new followers.  You don’t want them to think you’re a “spammer.”  Don’t delude yourself. “Spammer” is a loosely given title that people give, and it doesn’t necessarily follow the technical definition.  If you’re a marketer, you’re at risk of being defamed as a spammer.

The first thing people look at when you make a friend request is your previous posts.  Twitter shows up to 20 of them.  A mistake that the actual spammers make is that they make a bunch of friends and immediately flood them with links to membership sites.  It doesn’t snag many users, and it gives marketing a bad name.

Instead, you can make a few small Tweets about your grilled cheese sandwich, your family, and then a link to your blog.  Do this a few more times, and you can start adding your other monetized sites.  The point is that if you start off on Twitter thinking that you’re going to make quick money, you’re wrong.  You have to establish trust with your followers in order to keep making money.

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