Getting Traffic to Your Website by Exposing Scams

That article is about Getting Traffic to Your Website by Exposing Scams. One thing you will definitely find on the Internet is a horde of get-rich-quick schemes selling get-rich-quick schemes, and exposing them is a great way of getting traffic to your website. You know the sort; I’m sure you’ve seen a billion e-mails in your spam box promising you insane amounts of wealth and virtually reeking with “shady deal.”

Getting Traffic to Your Website by Exposing Scams

While some unbelievable money-making plans are legitimate, there are probably far more that aren’t. Those are the most immediately identifiable, but there are a gazillion other such schemes out to rip off the public. Here’s your chance to be a super hero.

Why Bring Down Scam Artists?

If you have more of a personal interest in bringing down these scam artists than merely reporting them to the proper Internet authorities, here’s something you can do. It could be merely a matter of self-gratification. Sometimes it’s just fun to be this kind of devious. It could also, if done right, be far more effective than merely reporting them to or a website like that.

First of all, investigate the product and the company. You have chosen an enemy; now you have to know him before you take him on. Study his strengths and his weaknesses. Do his products have more complaints than compliments? Is he actually under investigation for dishonest practices? I know of one particular person that actually has an online coalition of consumers tracking his activity on Craigslist and warning other customers of what he’s doing.

Feeling out Their Internet Marketing

Of course, you can’t just settle with whether or not the product or company is legit. Remember, you’re out to beat him, and to that end you have to know what kind of Internet marketing he has going for him. If they have infomercials on television, there’s a good chance they’re not relying on organic traffic since the phone number and URL are on TV. Look for weaknesses such as that, as it will be vital in your campaign.  See if they’ve already took over on the keywords linking them to scams.  It’s good to also know their strengths.

Exposing Them with Your Website

Now you can create a free blog or a Squidoo lens named for this product or company. Talk about this product on your blog or website. Get some affiliate links and opt-in forms. I’m pretty sure that you see by now what we’re going for.

Now, put the complaints up on your blog or website and post it. There’s a very good chance that you will actually outrank this company’s or product’s home page. If you want to be really nasty about it, you can potentially use heavy Web 2.0 properties to completely move them off of Google’s first page and have it all to yourself. All you have to do is create multiple blogs and lenses in this way and back link.

Of course, someone might call this a smear campaign. These techniques could certainly be used to that end if one so chooses. What I’m talking about here is actually the removal of a scam artist. It’s more akin, I think, to giving a snake oil salesman the tar and feather treatment.

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