Getting Traffic to Your Website

Getting traffic to your website may be driving you crazy.  You hear other people talking about the hundreds – or even thousands – of visitors they get every day, and you wonder how they do it.  Getting traffic to your website is like everything else online: it requires work and a little know-how.  Here are some tips that will help you keep from pulling your hair out.

Getting Traffic to Your Website


Use articles to drive traffic

Articles can be used a dozen different ways to drive traffic to your website.  When placed on your own website they help attract the attention of the search engines, which ultimately means higher rankings.  When you get ranked on the top page or two, you can expect more traffic naturally or organically.

Submitted to article directories, e-zines, and other people’s websites, articles can drive traffic through the links you include with your article.  Place articles anywhere and everywhere you can, and write consistently.

If you don’t already do it, start blogging

Getting traffic to your website can be made easier with blogging.  Search engines love blogs because of the constant fresh content and because they are interactive.  People love blogs and enjoy getting involved in the conversation.

Post to your blog regularly using keywords; then link to your website from your posts frequently.  When people click through your links they will arrive at your site.  Blogs are a great way to grow interest in your website.

Be creative

There are hundreds of ways you can drive targeted traffic to your website.  Other than the methods mentioned above, join four or five forums that are related to your niche and join the discussions.  Participate in social networking.  Use paid advertising methods such as Google Adwords, or trade advertising with other website owners.  Be creative, and think of additional ways you can drive traffic to your site.

Getting traffic to your website is not impossible, but you do have to put some time in unless you have the budget to pay for advertising on a consistent basis.

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