Getting a High School Degree Online

The article touches upon the issue of Getting a High School Degree Online. Given that you can learn almost anything online from home these days it should probably come as no surprise that you can get a high school degree online. There are some advantages to doing this but there are also some disadvantages. Whether or not it is a good idea is going to depend heavily on the child, some students do very well with online learning while others really struggle with it.

Getting a High School Degree Online

In most cases it is possible to get your high school degree online; there are a number of schools that now offer online programs. Most online high schools are private schools which means they can be very expensive. Unlike with a public school which are subsidized by the government if your child choose to do high school online you are likely going to have to pay the full cost. This will likely amount to several thousand dollars a year so you will need to decide if it is worthwhile.

The other problem with private online high schools is that not all of them are properly accredited, which means not all of them are acceptable to all universities. This could obviously pose a problem when it comes time for your child to move onto university.

The best bet is to check with the admissions office of the universities that your child is interested in attending and make sure that the online high school you are considering is acceptable to them. A lot of the universities themselves have now started to offer online high school programs, these are usually a good option since you know that a degree from there will be acceptable.

A small but increasing number of public school systems have started to offer online high school programs as well. The big advantage here is that since they are public schools any student who would normally be allowed to attend one of the district’s schools will be able to take the online program free of charge. It also offers the advantage of being certain that the degree will be acceptable to the universities since it is the same high school degree that all the other students in the district receive.

The big question is whether or not online high school is a good idea. Certainly there are some advantages to it, the biggest being that the student can work at their own pace rather than at the pace of the rest of the class. This can be a great advantage for to students who are often slowed down by the slow pace the encounter in class. The disadvantage is that without a teacher there to push them into doing the work most students don’t.

Online high school requires either a very motivated student or parents who are going to be very actively involved in their child’s education. The other big problem with online high school is the lack of opportunities for socialization. Unless your child has other activities that allow them to be around other people their own age this can be a real problem.

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