Every Local Business Needs a Website

The following article tells you that Every Local Business Needs a Website. Creating a website for a local business is a good way to generate extra sales or jobs. A few years ago I built two local business websites with the intention of generating extra jobs for two service companies providing satellite and aerial installations. The two companies always thought that there was so much competition they would get very little work and it would take a considerable time to generate any.

Every Local Business Needs a Website

Like any website to rank high for competitive keywords this statement is correct but when dealing with a local business it can be a lot easier.  These two businesses covered certain areas in England and I found nice pockets of traffic for very detailed keywords for both of these companies.

Even better Google had improved their local business listings, giving local businesses the advantage when local searches were made based on the searchers location. Bing then followed this trend giving another stream of traffic for localised searches. Google and Bing have been considerate when thinking about local businesses and if you do not take advantage of these services you will miss out.

It is important that the website software is correct and flexible in allowing future content. I always like to use WordPress on any website outside of ecommerce. WordPress is totally customisable allows easy content creation and the possibilities are endless.

The main problem with service websites is that they do not continue to grow, they believe that once the content has been created and they detail their services they can end there. This is wrong a website has to continue offering advice, articles, and updates on industry changes. The goal should be to build a website of knowledge. I am not telling you to give away your total knowledge, but maintenance advice or government regulations improve your reach.

Keywords are also imperative in local business success. There are so many local searches every day that it is important to get this right. A lot of these do not have much competition and you can pick up work from these “golden nuggets”, as I call them. With local business websites it is important to convert leads into sales or jobs in the service industry. Make it easy for emails, phone calls or even a call back service to be made.

Make this visible on all pages and keep a mailing list. Using programs like mail chimp can really help your email marketing and help turn leads into sales, six months or even a year later. People like to see an address so make this visible and very clear even if this a home address, as people do recognise that more and more people work from home. Also show any recommendations on your site such as Which, Checker Trade and many other review sites you may recommendations on. Give people as much sense of security as you can by offering free quotes and no obligations.

Each website requires a certain amount of text and it is important to do your homework when creating any text that appears on a website. If you have no text you are really going to suffer in the search engines because you have no keywords. This is where keyword density comes into play and allows you to place the correct percentage of targeted keywords on each page of your website.

If you are like the millions of websites out there that just wrote a personal statement, telling people how great you are, you will start to rethink increasing your website text. Yes include your services, who you are, how long you have been established, but include important keywords which match your search engine targeted keywords and make sure those keywords are bringing traffic in. There is nothing worse than being page one on Google for something that never gets searched for.

A Local business website is a worthwhile for any small shop, local service or work from home parent. There are plenty of searches for local businesses and nice programs setup by search engines to ensure local businesses do get the exposure every economy needs. Do not miss out, build your reputation, do your homework and consult experts if you are unsure when building a local business website.

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