Electrical Engineering Degree Online

In this article we will be discussing Electrical Engineering Degree Online. Among all the fields of specialization in engineering, electronic engineering is the most sought after line even after all these years. Preferred more than the modern lines like bio- chemical or computer; electronic or electrical engineering offers lucrative jobs across many industries.

Electrical Engineering Degree Online

According to the statistics released by Bureau of Labor, this is the third most popular field of specialization and is estimated to grow more than 11% in the coming decade. While a full time college degree in the field is certainly preferred by most aspirants, there are many online electrical engineering degree options available today for those who cannot afford or have not been able to secure a seat in the full time colleges.

Electrical engineering refers to study and application of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. Engineers of this field are required in a wide array of fields starting from telecommunications to power management and artificial intelligence to digital electronics. Online courses offer flexible options to the students in the field to pursue their studies in their own convenience of time and place. Designed especially for long distance and home based study, these courses nevertheless give the students great opportunities to collaborate and interact with the professionals/ teachers and other students in the field.

Online degrees in electronic engineering are offered by many major universities and schools of higher education. Alternatively you can also look at getting your degree from an online or long distance education university. The courses vary from Bachelors degree to Associate and even Masters Degrees.

While the associate or the bachelors’ courses cover the basics of electronics like introduction to electricity and nature of electronics, conductors, batteries, and insulators, electromagnetism and magnetism as well as optoelectronic components and fiber optics, the masters are tailored to fulfill the higher education needs for those already practicing electrical engineering. The masters degree programs also focus to provide hands on design and advanced technical skills required for growing in the field.

Although every college or university would have the basic minimum requirements for undergraduate qualifications, the general standards are laid down at 136 credits. Also the course time may vary from anywhere from 4- 6 years for a bachelors degree. The fee structure also varies depending on the level of degree and the accreditations of the college.

It is recommended that you collate all information regarding the qualifications needed, course structure and fee structure from the individual colleges beforehand. An important precaution recommended for all aspirants is to thoroughly check the accreditations attached to the colleges and universities. A thorough research will ensure that the degree you take is recognized by the education boards and industry alike.

An online electrical engineering degree will open a world of lucrative job opportunities for you. People in these lines are in high demand in industries like electric and power sector, telecommunications, computers, semiconductors, manufacturing, education and research, transportation and automotives, manufacturing and many others. This high demand in numerous industries will give you the freedom to secure jobs across locations and even international boundaries as expatriates.

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