Easy (and Free) List Building Tactics

In this article we will be discussing Easy (and Free) List Building Tactics. List building is one of those essential aspects of marketing that far too many people overlook.  If you expect to build a successful, money-making business, list building is an absolute must.  You may be a bit intimidated, or you may simply not know how to go about it.  Here are a few free and easy things you can do to build a targeted list of subscribers fairly quickly.

Easy (and Free) List Building Tactics


Offer a free give-away

There’s no doubt about it; people love free things.  Whether it’s a free e-book, report, or a weekly or monthly newsletter, offer something that is of value for free.  Make sure that your give-away is tightly targeted to the niche you are marketing to!  Make your free offer as enticing as possible.

Offer an opportunity to sign up everywhere you go

Whether it’s through articles, blog posts, forums, or social networking sites, effective list building requires that you put your free offer and sign-up opportunity in front of as many people as possible.

Link to your squeeze page from articles and other content you distribute online.  Make sure there is a sign-up form on every single page of your website or blog; you never know what page someone may land on when searching for information.

Get referrals from current members of your list

Once you begin to establish your list, offer those who are already on it a discount on your products for referring other people to sign up.  If your customers are happy with the information you share and the freebies you offer, they will gladly refer friends, co-workers, or others they know in order to get a discount on your products/services.

These are just a few examples of easy list building tactics.  Put them to work in your marketing efforts, and watch your list grow!

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