Different types of web hosting

The article gives an analysis of Different types of web hosting. With the very affordable prices at which websites can be setup, plenty of businesses and individuals are shifting online setting up a site or blog to manage their business or even their life better. If you are looking to start a site the first step would be to purchase a domain and then look for a host.

Different types of web hosting

This is pretty much a file server to which that domain name would point to. There are several types of web hosting and depending on your needs different alternatives area available from you to choose from. Here are 4 types and what they comprise of.

  • Free hosting
    This is usually not recommended unless you have absolutely no budget. There are several free hosting services you can pick from and this number is growing everyday. Popular sites include 110mb.com and co.cc. Free domain as expected provides crippled plans that offer very limited resources. Web space, bandwidth and database space are restricted however the offer by different services can vary vastly and if you research enough you should find a service that offers ‘premium grade’ capabilities for free. They usually append an advertisement to the site hosted on their servers which will occupy only a small space in most cases.
  • Shared Hosting
    If you are looking to pay for hosting on a very limited budget shared hosting is what you should be looking at. Many hosting services only offer shared hosting and prices and services offer again can vary so a little bit of research can save you a few dollars a month and it is important to remember that more cost doesn’t necessarily mean more service here. Shared hosting usually comprises of a wealth of hosting space that you probably won’t completely make use of. The same is true for bandwidth and other features offered. This however depends on your needs, but usually, if your website will be experiencing traffic in hundreds to a few thousands a day, a shared server should be able to handle it. As there is a fee involved, shared hosting is never accompanied by ads, if you come across such a plan it’s best you avoid it.
  • Virtual Private Server
    If you are looking for an extra notch of power, a virtual server might be the choice for you, as the name suggests, this plan offers features and performance comparable to hosting the site completely on a dedicated server but it is actually shared by a few users. The difference to shared hosting lies in the way the server is setup where resources are shared in such a method where it apparently seems as if the server is solely used by that customer, this is done by using powerful processors and allocating fixed percentages of memory and computing power to each user. Virtual private servers are affordable and range in the $20-100 cost.
  • Dedicated Server
    Dedicated hosting is pretty much the most powerful and also the most expensive option to choose from. Here processors with immense computing power are solely setup for a single customer. Dedicated servers are recommended for very high traffic sites (millions a month) and also to host complex web applications that require a lot of computing power.

Web hosting requires a little bit of research in order to get an economical as well as a plan that is efficient for your purposes, depending on your needs one of the above methods should be suitable.

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