Creating A Blog

Creating A Blog – Blogging For Beginners. Have you ever thought about creating a blog? Well, before you answer that, let’s define what a blog is.

What is blogging or a blog? The word blog was derived from weblog. In the beginning blogs were used for personal use. Now bloggers are discovering that blogs are valuable for so much more. Like blogging for dollars. Plus, the nice thing about blogs is that you do not need any HTML or PHP skills to create one. It’s as simple as adding content and publishing your blog.

Creating A Blog

Pretty simple, huh? Well, let’s see what else you need to get your blog up and running.

What Is Your Topic?

What should your money making blog be about? What kind of information should you provide? I’m not going to get into many details here on how to find a topic. I suggest you refresh your memory by reading “How to Find Your Niche” for a business website.

It’s no different in finding a topic for your blog. Just remember it needs to be a topic that you know very well and research your blogging ideas to be sure there are enough people searching for the topic you have chosen.

A Remote or Self Hosted Blog

Before you start creating a blog; you need to decide how you are going to host your blog? There are two options to look at, remote hosted or host it yourself. Here are advantages and disadvantages of both:

Remote Hosted Blogs

You can have your blog hosted by an external resource, for example They offer a free service to build your blog on their server. All you do is:

  1. Sign up and log in.
  2. Choose a name and URL for your blog.
  3. Choose a template and fill in your content.
  4. Publish it and that’s it! Go Blogging!


  • No cost to use this service, it is completely free.
  • It’s easy when creating a blog, because there is no HTML experience needed.


  • Your URL ends in, which may not represent the professional image you want.
  • Limited amount of control on your site, your blog account can be canceled without any reason at anytime.

Sidebar: When it comes to your online business, it’s very important to have full control and own your own site.

Another Remote Hosting Option

WordPress is open source blog software powered by PHP and MySQL which can also be used for content management. In my opinion, you will give off a much more professional looking impression to your visitors or potential customers. I will show you later why WordPress may be the better option for blogging.

Self Hosted Blogs

In the interest of being professional, I recommend that you set up your blog under your own domain name that is hosted by a web host. Your own domain name gives the impression that you mean business. For more information, take a moment to review, Choosing a Domain Name” and Hosting Service for Your Online Business.


  • A host offers a cPanel which provides automation tools for web hosting usability.
  • With a reliable hosting company, there are no worries about down time.


  • It’s not a free service, but free is not always good.
  • There is some software to install, but if you are not afraid of work this should not be a problem.

Using WordPress for Creating a Blog

You can self host WordPress software for your blogging needs using your own domain. In fact, most hosting companies offer the blogging software already. You can also download and install it yourself by visiting Also, please see this free ebook with instruction on how to install the software as well other useful information. At any rate it’s easy to use just:

  1. Log into your hosting account.
  2. Click on software then find WordPress.
  3. Click on link to install.
  4. Once installed you will get a general page.
  5. You should choose a theme for your blog that suits your subject.
  6. Once you find a theme, download to your computer and use FTP to upload your files to your server.

Making Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

To make your blog search engine friendly, it’s important that you have keywords related to your market. You have to give the search engines what they want. Add written content that is rich in the keyword phrases that you will find by research. Your site will have the potential to show up in the top search results when people search for the information you are offering. I will discuss more on keyword marketing later, but I wanted to touch on this subject here as well.


Creating a blog is a simple process. Keep in mind you have two options to host your blog: remote or self hosting. The more reliable option is self hosting your blog for professionalism. Review the advantages and disadvantages and make your choice. If you choose self hosting, WordPress may be your better option.

When creating a blog, remember you are starting a real business. As long as you are willing to learn and put in the work, there is no reason why you can’t start a successful online business blogging.

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