Content Generation Made Easy

The article is about Content Generation Made Easy. Content generation is an important characteristic of successful blogs. After all, people visit blogs in order to find relevant information on topics which interest them most. This is why I believe that while you can go on and talk about anything in your blog, it pays to find your niche and develop it.

Content Generation Made Easy

When I say niche, I refer to the subject matter or topic that your blog will largely deal with. It could be about food, travel, fashion, technology or anything that interests you.

What is important about having a niche is that you keep your target audience in mind and get to consider them as you write your articles. With a niche appropriate to your experience and interests, people would know that you do sort of specialize in certain areas and will rely on your blog for specific purposes. Of course, that does not mean you should limit yourself to a certain niche. As long as your blog is properly organized and people can find the information they need quickly and conveniently, then you are off to a good start.

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Obviously, before organization and archiving can be considered, you need to have something to organize and archive first, and that’s none other than content. Come to think about it, two things are of utmost importance when it comes to blog content: quantity and quality.

Refering to quantity, we are talking about blogs that are constantly and regularly updated. In case you did not know, well-visited blogs are updated daily, and oftentimes, these blogs are in fact updated several times within the day. This is why you need to be constantly in the know of what’s happening. You need to know what’s in and what’s not and then write about them. No, it isn’t about how long you write or how many words each post contains – what matters is that the blog is well-maintained and is updated. Doing this gives you several advantages.


The advantages of a good content generation strategy

  1. Loyal and consistent blog visitors. By providing fresh content on a day to day basis, you encourage your current blog visitors to keep coming back. This is because people want to see something new everyday. Updating your blog two to three times in a day is a good way to establish your credibility and consistency.
  2. Better appeal to search engines. Every website wants to be number one in search engines like Yahoo! or Google and that’s because being on the top rank means getting the most number of visitors. Your blog actually gets a higher rank in search engines when it is constantly updated because it becomes more credible in the process.
  3. New visitors for your blog. You will get more visitors in your blog when you keep it updated not only because your site becomes more appealing but also because you have a better chance of mentioning topics or keywords that may interest audiences.

Content Generation: it’s about both quantity and quality

Now when it comes to quality, I certainly believe that what matters is that you deliver information that is clear, accurate and useful. It is something people should understand. It is something they think about, something they need.

Oftentimes you need to include information that most people do not know yet, because if you keep on writing what they already know, reading your blog is not worth their while. Giving practical tips which can be easily used by your readers is a good start. Do not use too much jargon, and keep your paragraphs short and readable. Also, remember to come up with an attention-getter at the introduction, and a good summary at the concluding part of your article.

As you can see, content generation is an important aspect of blogging success. When you blog out of something that authentically interests you, then you would find it easy to provide good quality content articles. And if you are writing about something you are truly passionate about, writing several articles for your blog daily should not be a difficult task at all.

Content Generation: How about you?

I’d love to hear about your content generation strategy, if you have one (or why on Earth you haven’t got one yet!) Let us know in the comments!

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