Common mistakes to get you banned from Google Adsense

The article gives an analysis of Common mistakes to get you banned from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the mainstream ways to make money online and used by most webmasters to compensate for hosting and domain charges online and also maybe profit from all the hard work put into the website.

Common mistakes to get you banned from Google Adsense

Where there is money, there is fraud involved and such is the case with Adsense too with several webmasters attempting to game the system to inflate their income fraudulently. This could also be by accident or a hit by competitors to crash a website’s revenue stream. This has also been a potential threat to Google’s advertisers thus Google watches click fraud very closely.

Click fraud is the most common reason that can result in a ban but also other obvious factors like having a website that breaches the Adsense policies also leads to a ban. Below are the most common issues that cause a Google Adsense ban.

  1. Click fraud
    As stated above, click fraud is considered very seriously and maybe done deliberately or maybe a hit from a competitor, accidental clicks however, while given a lot of attention does not need that much attention as Google allows a limited amount of accidental clicks, most webmasters recommend reporting it but I reported an accidental click once and they acknowledged that it was not required.
    If you notice an unusually high CTR however it is best to report it, and if you plan on gaming the system by click fraud you might as well close your account.
  2. No Disclosure
    This is becoming a common cause for an Adsense ban as most publishers are still unaware of this issue, Google requires you to disclose on your site (preferably in the privacy policy) that cookies are served that collect information to display the ad, failing to do so may eventually lead to a ban.
  3. Disclosing earning details
    Another part of their program policies state that exact earning statistics like click through rate and impressions cannot be publicly disclosed, getting your account closed this way is usually a tip from an anonymous person so it is pretty much hit or miss but refraining it all together is your best bet as you wouldn’t want to jeopardize one of your top income sources.

Those are the most common 3 causes of getting banned from Adsense, other reasons maybe displaying Adsense on a site with content not accepted by the Adsense TOS, manipulating the ad code in anyway and prompting visitors to click on an ad.

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