Cheap SEO Tips

This article is about Cheap SEO Tips. Search engine optimization is the new buzzword in online business. Search engine optimization has become a popular internet marketing strategy today for sustaining and flourishing businesses. For high quality output and advantageous results, SEO marketing campaigns are launched which are expensive at times. Global recession has adversely affected all kinds of business initiatives and spending during these times must be done diligently. There are few cheap SEO tips that can get you maximum benefits at minimum rates like,



Tip # 1: Creative articles

Promoting your site with the articles is the cheapest SEO strategy. You have to compose articles that are replete with information and keywords related to your area of expertise, to popularize your brand. Get an exhaustive list of keywords relevant to your field and used in most searches by users. Use these keywords and keyword phrases in the title tag, headings, URL, meta tags, anchor text, body text, press releases, articles and blogs to boost the search engine rankings.

Submitting original and creative articles to numerous article directories can get you many backlinks and targeted viral traffic to your site or blog. Post the links to your website along with the articles and your high quality articles may direct them to your site for more information. It is not compulsory to submit the articles in paid directories. You can choose free directories for submission which will minimize the expenses.

Tip # 2: Links

Building links to your website is yet another cheap SEO strategy. Being linked by websites that have top search engine rankings can influence your rankings and even improve the same. You have to identify the websites that are relevant to your business and try to get links from them. You can also link a site that has loads of information on your area in your website. Related websites dealing with the same niche might get you more link exchanges. This will enhance your popularity on the net and improve the page rank.

Tip # 3: Site map

The mark of a good website is the ease of navigation through the website. Site map links the different pages of the website and helps the users to navigate through your website effortlessly. You must design your website and incorporate a site map that gives a classic touch to your website and makes it interesting. Site maps are also crawler-friendly for spiders of the search engines. They aid fast indexing by the spiders and this results in better search engine rankings.

Tip # 4: multiple domains with unique names

Find a creative and unique domain name that is related to your business field which is easy to remember for the users. Short domains are rarely available since they are used up by numerous other companies. You can register a domain name that hints at your services, products, brands and many more. You can also create multiple domains, if you have a lot of information and details to share with the users. This can increase the search engine rankings tremendously.

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