Can Your Site Rank Well in All Four Major Search Engines?

The article concerns the question – Can Your Site Rank Well in All Four Major Search Engines? One of the most frequent concerns when it comes to SEO is whether or not your website is optimized to meet the needs of each of the four major search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all rank things differently, but not so differently that you have to dedicate specific SEO to each of them. The differences in how these search engines work can cause a bit of confusion, especially when it comes to optimizing well for all four of them at the same time.

Can Your Site Rank Well in All Four Major Search Engines?

As it stands, techniques which work for one search engine won’t necessarily work for another. Even in some cases, things which work brilliantly for getting listed highly in MSN and Ask might be a death kiss when it comes to getting your site listed on Google. If you’re worried about getting your site on all four of the major search engines, there’s one thing you should keep in mind.

Friendly site design, good content and smart networking are things which will get you listed without fail, in all four of the major search engines. If your site is well constructed and has been treated well by your SEO consultant, you should have no fears about getting ranked on all engines, as long as your site has useful and relevant information to express.

Google is currently the king of search engines, and it treats links differently than the other three. Google loves backlinks, as do the other search engines, but links have a lesser effect on older engines like MSN and Ask. Getting your page indexed requires you filling out your Titles, Tags, Text and Structure of your pages correctly, involving the correct links and keywords. If you’re wondering what criteria a search engine looks at while spidering your site, here is a small break down.

Google: Incoming Links, Page SEO, User Analytics, Outgoing links, Document History

Yahoo: Page SEO, Link Patterns, User Analytics, Document History

MSN: Page SEO, Site Design, Links

Ask: Page SEO, Site Design, Links

As you can see, both MSN and Ask are the least strict when it comes to getting your page indexed. Because Google accounts for about 50% of organic search traffic, it should always be your main concern. If something you do to rank higher in another engine messes with your Google ranking, you should stop immediately.

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