Can Twitter Improve Business?

The article concerns the question – Can Twitter Improve Business? When you haven’t really explored Twitter, haven’t felt your way around it yet or perhaps just haven’t found the right people to follow, it’s so easy to just not ‘get it’. I know I didn’t.
Yes it was interesting to see what celebrities were up to and to be connected to famous people, hearing their news directly from them rather than through a magazine, but surprisingly enough, constant updates about teatime meals or how many sit-ups had been carried out, eventually, got old.

Can Twitter Improve Business

It was also great to chat to friends and to tag them in tweets and show the world a picture of your night, as it happened, when it happened, with hilarious caption in tow. However, with a website called Facebook existing just one click away which enables you to show the world 500 pictures of your night with 500 hilarious captions while engaging in several real-time online chats, this too, became dull.

But one day, when I was pondering over how I could let lots of people know, all in one go, about an article I’d had published online, I thought I’d offer twitter one final attempt to prove its worth. I posted a link to my article alongside a short caption, and included a mention of the company I’d written the post for.

A combination of my followers and the company’s followers checked out the link, which meant traffic was driven to the website where the article was and I was receiving emails congratulating me, informing me of new followers and even of people asking if I would mind writing an article for them too!

It was in this penny dropping light-bulb illuminating moment that it hit me. Ohhh, I thought. So that’s what this twitter thing is all about. I do get it.
And if that’s not enough to convince you to get tweeting, here are some simple ways that Twitter can improve your business.
• In business terms, Twitter increases brand awareness. In Twitter terms, it gets you ‘out there’. Following the right people and submitting the right posts are pertinent factors to consider in the twitter world. If you can make your 140 characters engaging enough for someone to ‘retweet’, their followers might just retweet it and their followers might too – the list is truly endless and your reputation just keeps on spreading.

• Twitter keeps you up to date on the latest news and trends, so you can keep up with the likes, dislikes, interests and opinions of your target market, ensuring you’re always be one step ahead.
• Business to customer/prospective customer relationships can be formed through Twitter. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – if you were constantly hearing praise for a company (via twitter) and that company showed an interest in you, you’d be likely to remember their services over any other and to try them out or use them again.
• You can use twitter as a customer service forum, so your customers have an extra way of getting in touch with you.
• You can make connections and network with like-minded people that you would never otherwise have the chance to, especially not so easily.
• You can use a tool called ‘tweet later’ which allows you to schedule your updates throughout the day – so Twitter needn’t take up all of your time.
• You can insert hyperlinks as part of your 140 character posts, which means your tweets can direct followers straight to your website.
• Twitter is great for market research and opinion polls – to get in touch with what people want.
• You can easily interact with or simply observe your competitors.

In recent years, Twitter has simply exploded, and you might be just what the thousands of new members joining every day are looking for. So go on, give it a try, I’m certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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