Buying a Domain in Affiliate Marketing

The article is about Buying a Domain in Affiliate Marketing. One technique to ensure that your affiliate marketing sites get top ranking is to buy a domain name and reuse it. In many ways, this is preferable to disposable sites such as Geocities, and it’s definitely less work on you than using black hat techniques to beef up your rankings.

Buying a Domain in Affiliate Marketing


Be Careful About Your Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is all important, especially if you’re planning to keep it in the long haul. Affiliate programs come and go, but your domain has to stay. If it’s irrelevant to your future products, your site isn’t going to rank as well. It has to be universal but still relevant.
The thing to keep in mind is that you should never name your domain after your first product or even necessarily after your niche. You will probably change products in the future, and you may even go out of your niche. Your website named isn’t going to work if you’re selling t-shirts one day.

A good rule of thumb is to think of it either as or or something similar. Unless you have a very common name, your name will make it unique, and the rest is about the keywords. If your name is so common that no keyword combination works, consider an alias.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Sites Like Geocities

It may seem like a good idea at first to use a Geocities or Homestead free site for your first affiliate marketing site. It’s not—that is, if you expect to succeed. “Some” money CAN be made by setting up shop on a free site, but you’re not in this to make “some money,” are you?
You see, search engines and directories don’t count these sites most of the time. They’re technically considered “personal home pages,” and personal home pages don’t usually last long enough to be worth the search engines’ interest. In order to make ANY money from one of these sites, you have to seriously hit the mass mailings and social media sites. These strategies are great ways to start a campaign, but free sites defeat the purpose of trying to rank on the search engines.

The Problems with Black Hat Strategies

Black hat strategies often seem appealing, but they come with their own problems. Sure, you get a super-high ranking from using them, but you won’t last long at the top. Depending on how quickly the search engines update their indexes for your niche, you could be on top for as little as a few days, especially if you make a HUGE spike in your rankings. Not enough days to get many conversions.

Now, you may think, “No problem, I’ll just put up another site.” This site will also get de-indexed, and any future ones will also get de-indexed quickly. Meanwhile, while you beat your head against the search engines’ walls, you’re losing money.

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