Blog Traffic: 9 Ways to Get More Visitors

The article gives guidelines on Blog Traffic: 9 Ways to Get More Visitors. As a blogging consultant, I know that blog traffic is a great concern for every blogger around, specially newbies. Even long-time, advanced and professional bloggers do often have their own sleepless nights because of that dreaded blog traffic spikes.

Blog Traffic: 9 Ways to Get More Visitors

So, are you frustrated that the only readers of your blog are your Mom and your circle of friends?  Then it’s probably time that you start using the following ways on driving traffic to your blog.

Blog Traffic Booster #1: Optimize your blog for the search engines

If you have no idea about what SEO for blogs is, then you should start learning more about it. If learning it doesn’t interest you, then get or hire someone to optimize your blog for you. What’s important is that you get your blog easier to be found on search engines. Search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic out there because it is very targeted which means they are more likely to be looking for exactly what you have in your blog.

Blog Traffic Booster #2: Submit your blog to directories

There are hundreds of directories out there where you can submit it. Some of these require some kind of fees but most of them are free. You can either submit your blog manually or you can hire someone to do it for you. There are also blog-submission systems that you can purchase but be very careful though because a lot of such systems can only deliver a portion of what they will promise you.

Blog Traffic Booster #3: Drop meaningful comments on other related blogs

Quality over quantity applies here. The more comments you drop doesn’t necessarily mean you will get more results. so you need to focus on giving comments that are meaningful. Comments that give value to what was already discussed by the other blogger. You can’t just type “Nice post.” and you are done. If you do this, the blogger will likely moderate your comment or remove it altogether.

Blog Traffic Booster #4: Write guest posts for other blogs

Writing guest posts has many benefits. First, you get a link back to your own blog. Second, the readers of that blog might find what you wrote interesting thus convincing them to visit your blog. This is more traffic for you and possibly new subscribers. And third, it build your reputation most especially if you guest posted in a high-traffic and respected blog. A few guest posts a week can get you the very best of results.

Blog Traffic Booster #5: Participate in blog carnivals

A blog carnival is where a group of bloggers write about a theme then one of the bloggers will accumulate all the articles written and post an entry on his blog containing links to the articles written by all the other bloggers in the group. The benefits of this technique are similar to those you get from guest posting which are links, more traffic and a reputation boost.

Blog Traffic Booster #6: Create profiles for you and your blog on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

These sites have a combined membership in the millions so if you are not here, then you are missing out on the action. Don’t however use your accounts merely as marketing tools. People online hate being interrupted with promotional shouts or tweets. You will have to converse and connect with them first. Get their trust before you pitch anything to them.

Blog Traffic Booster #7: Write articles and submit them to directories

This is referred to as article marketing. All you have to do is write article that are related to the theme and topics of your own blog then submit such article to online article directories like EzineArticles.

Blog Traffic Booster #8: Update your blog regularly

There is no better traffic-builder than consistent content. The more fresh content you create, the more often people will come back to your blog. This equates to more traffic overall.

Blog Traffic Booster #9: Buy ads on other blogs

This is one marketing strategy where you have to pay something but it is very effective. The rewards will overshadow the costs. So as long as you have the budget, it is advisable that you buy ads for your blog.

If you are to use all these ways on driving traffic to your blog, it will be just a matter of time before you will be seeing authentic readers for your blog, not just your relatives!

How about you? What are your preferred ways to increase blog traffic? Share them with us in the comments!

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