Blog SEO Done the Right Way

That article is about Blog SEO Done the Right Way. Blog SEO is what drives the masses to your blog! Blog SEO is a huge issue for any blogger. What good is an excellent blog with even more excellent content if nobody knows that it exists? All that great content will be wasted if this is such the case.

Blog SEO Done the Right Way

That’s why it is very important that great content should be complemented with good SEO skills so that such content can be found and be useful to people. The more people are using search engines to find your content, the easier it will be for you to build an audience for your blog.

Blog SEO may not be that difficult to implement, but it is not that easy either. There are rules and procedures that you need to be aware of and follow so that you don’t run the risk of harming your blog instead of helping it. Read along to find more about this.

Black hat practices, such as keyword stuffing and creating link farms, are unacceptable in the world of SEO. These black hat strategies can get you results in the short run but your blog can suffer grave consequences if the search engines find out that you are trying to game them. Don’t expect them to be merciful once they found out. They can demote your blog’s rankings or, even worse, remove it from their listings all along.

I will repeat this: keyword stuffing and link farms aren’t the paths you have to be taking if you really want to build your blog.

5 Blog SEO Tips to Help Your Rankings

There are the right ways and the wrong ways to conduct SEO for blogs. The following are the right and most acceptable ways of doing so.

Blog SEO Tip #1

Make sure that your blog’s domain name perfectly describes what your blog is all about. I know this sounds obvious, but I see many cases in that get this wrong. You cannot for instance place the word guitar on your domain name if your blog is about drums. Instead pick something like or or anything that is along this line. You want the uninitiated reader to know that your blog talks about drums.

Blog SEO Tip #2

Do your homework and research extensively on the most important keywords and keyword phrases that suit your blog’s content and overall theme. There are several keyword research tools that are available online. Most of these tools can be used for free so there are no reasons why you should not utilize them. The most famous of them is undoubtfully Adwords External Keyword Tool. It is always advisable that you keep a list of these keywords somewhere accessible so that whenever you create new content; you can always consult it to choose the best keywords to incorporate in the new content you are writing.

Blog SEO Tip #3

Engage in link building. This is a very powerful blog SEO method. Search engines put a lot of importance on the links that points to a blog or website. The more links there are that point to your blog, the higher your blog’s rankings will be.

There are various strategies to accumulating links. You can do link exchanges; you can write guest posts on other blogs, you can even buy links. The best strategy however is writing quality content. If readers find your content engaging and helpful, they will more likely link to it.

Blog SEO Tip #4

Engage in article marketing. The premise of this marketing technique is pretty simple. You write an article related to your niche. Include a resource box at the end of the article. This resource box should contain your name as the author as well as a link to your blog or website. You then submit such article to as many online directories as possible. This strategy can obviously take time to implement but it’s very good in building authority within a specific niche.

Blog SEO Tip #5

Optimize the images in your blog as well. You can do this by giving your images file names that clearly describes what is contained by the image. And if you publish it on your blog, make sure that you have optimized the alt tag. Give the images more boost by surrounding them with textual content that gives descriptions regarding the images.

How about you? What blog SEO tactics do you use the most? Have I forgotten about anyone? Tell us in the comments!

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