Block ‘Em Out, They Are Spammers

The following article has a title – Block ‘Em Out, They Are Spammers. The joy of every blogger is to see his or her articles being commented on, that makes you know that you really have people reading your posts and are interested in what you’ve written. But not every comment you see is real, some are automatically generated by people we call spammers. So, I’ll like to share my experience about that with you and tell you how I got to solve the “big problem”.

Block ‘Em Out, They Are Spammers

As a newbie in blogging, my site wasn’t doing that we’ll until I had something free to put on-line. It was a free e-guide. I had it in mind to sell the book after I was done anyway, but I later changed my mind and I used it as a means of getting people to know my blog. The book attracted me some traffic, after posting my link on a couple of social networking sites and I got an amazing amount of people commentting on how great the book and the site is, and how it has been of help to them. Some were real anyway, but some were also spam. I got close to 300 comments every 5hrs, I was indeed happy, cus those comments where lovely and inspiring, encouraging me to do more.

How I got to know they weren’t real was that I had the same comments, word for word, punctuation for punctuation, by different people linking to the same site, so I knew there was a problem. This kind of commentting is actually used to promote their websites. The amount of comment they write on others blog, the better their sites get ranked in search engines.

How I came to solve the problem was, I installed a CAPTCHA plugin that checks whether a person is real by asking to enter the words or figure shown in an image into a box provided. Since I had the plugin installed, I had reasonable comments but much less. But it’s better less and reasonable, knowing the people commentting wants your good than having lot’s of computer generated comments on your blog.

If you are having the same problem at the moment, there you go, I just told you a way I used to solve mine when I encountered that situation.

I wish you a great blogging life ahead.

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