Bing and Twitter are Getting Traffic to Your Website

Do You Know That Bing and Twitter are Getting Traffic to Your Website. Bing, the website that’s being touted as Google’s staunch competitor, has given you a new tool for getting traffic to your website.  There are also plans for doing a similar thing with Facebook.  Do a Bing search for “Twitter,” and see what I’m talking about.

Bing and Twitter are Getting Traffic to Your Website


The First Thing You See In the Bing Search

Once you’ve done this Bing search, what’s the first thing you see?  You see Tweets given by Twitter.  What’s more, you may get to see mentions of other Twitter members and hyperlinks to Twitter Tools and exterior websites.

Interested yet?  Now do a Bing search on Ashton Kutcher.  Now you’re seeing pictures along with his Tweets.  Now, are you excited?  Hang on a minute, there’s one more thing you should do.  Bing search yourself and see what happens.

Wait…I’m not On Top of the Search Page

You’ll see one of two things.  Either your Tweets are at the top of the search page, or they aren’t.  More than likely right now, they aren’t.  I know mine aren’t.  So, what gives?

It’s a matter of three things.  First, it’s about your branding and your authority.  Secondly, it’s about your Twitter influence.  It’s also quite possible that since this technology is new that only a few Twitter users are in this elite club.

Beefing Up Branding and Twitter Influence

Now’s the time to act to gain top Twitter influence.  I’d start by beefing up my branding and authority.  Consider this point:  You have to be well-known enough for someone to plug your name in a search engine.  Without that, they aren’t going to think about finding out if you’re on Twitter, either.

Meanwhile, you should be hard at work on Twitter building your influence.  Let’s face it, Ashton Kutcher is the top Tweeter, so he gets a spot in the Twitter results.  We Internet marketers haven’t quite made it there, yet.  That’s right, I checked several top marketing gurus, and none of them have this lucrative position yet.

The Future of Twitter Results

As it would appear, Twitter Results is essentially in beta form.  Like so many beta runs, it’s limited to a select few people overall.  However, based on what we’re seeing with top Twitter users, its potential for marketing is something worth planning for.

By itself, it also doesn’t seem to account for topic searches.  This is why it’s essential to make your name well-known in your niche.  It may come about in the future that Twitter Results will be fully integrated into Bing by having topic searches, but it’s all about celebrities for now.

For now, I highly recommend vying for that top position on Twitter in your niche.  Without being sure about when it’s more commonly available, all I can say is do everything you can to make sure that you’re the first marketer to make the cut.

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