Best Internet Marketing Methods For Beginners

When it comes to Best Internet Marketing Methods For Beginners there are a few guidelines you might want to consider. Many people are now looking for ways to earn more money or for a total change of career and internet marketing is beginning to get a lot of attention. Starting online business can become quite confusing because of the different aspects to it and if someone does not find a guide to help them get started, it can become very frustrating. It is therefore necessary for beginners to know where to source information about starting their business. This article gives an insight into some of the best internet marketing methods for beginners.

Best Internet Marketing Methods For Beginners


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is about promoting someone else’s products or services and getting a commission for doing so. Many companies including Amazon,  Clickbank, InstaCash Keyword, Wealthy Affiliate University and many more,  pay commission to affiliates when they send visitors to their sites that purchases one of their products.

To become an affiliate, one will have to sign up with a company by simply going to the company’s website and signing up using the link that says “affiliates”, “affiliate program” or  “associates”. Instructions on how to sign up are always available. After sign up, the company sends an affiliate link to the new affiliate to link to materials use to direct visitors to the company’s sites.

Alternatively, if the company sells variety of products like Amazon, affiliates get a generated link for every product they wish to promote.

Becoming an affiliate is FREE and there is really no limit to the number of companies you can become affiliated to. although, I must point out here that it will serve well to research a company first before becoming an affiliate to be sure of are getting a good commission and for payment purpose.

If you are considering starting an online business and overwhelmed with all the information, start affiliate marketing.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a way of putting across your information or ideas about something in an article and posting it on article directories; a website where articles written by different people on different subjects are posted.

Most article directories requires you to write content of at least 400 words for your article to be accepted and posted. The article must be original, of good quality, not duplicated and must give value to the readers. Do check the directories guideline to be sure of what is acceptable and what is not.

Article marketing can also be in form of guest blogging or selling written articles to other internet marketers that might want contents written for them. With article marketing, you can write within any niche. Your contents do not have to all be on one single subject, you can write on cars, health, games, DVDs, pets, gardening……. just about anything that catches your fancy.

Street Article, Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Squidoo, are some of the articles directories to post articles. Articles posted on some of these sites have been known to rank on google’s first page within hours of post. Posting articles on any of these directory is FREE.

If you are the kind that finds writing articles a bit too much work, ad marketing might just be what you need to get started. In this case, you only need to write a short page advert about a  the product of ta company you are affiliated to and post the ad on ad sites like Usfreeads.

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