Back Links For Your Professional Blog

That article is about Back Links For Your Professional Blog. Back links are a very important factor when it comes to ranking in Google search results. Simply put, if you only get back links from insignificant and small websites or blogs, then as a matter of policy, Google also tends to pay little attention to it. However, if you get back links from large and successful websites or blogs, then it will be given more prominence and would fare better in the results. They can be really helpful in making the blog more popular and effective.

Back Links For Your Professional Blog

What does “senior” mean?

This is of course is a relative statement. All websites are ranked according to PR or Page Ranking on a scale from 1-10. Although having a PR of 10 is very rare, 8 or 9 can easily be seen. These are the target websites for getting the back links. Always try to get them from someone who has a PR greater than yours. Quality is always better than quantity.

There are other ways of judging the seniority apart from the page ranks. There is a top spot for all topics; hence there must be one for the topic on which your article is written. It is not necessary that the top spot is attained by one who has a good PR. Trying to get a back link from them is a step in the right direction.

Open any search engine and type a search for the topic of your blog. The top 2 or 3 blogs in the results are where your links should be present in order to make an impact. Hopefully, in a short span of time, this new blog might take their position on the list.

If you are familiar in this industry, then one generally has a good feel for which sites / blogs are high level. These are usually so-called hubs. Thus pages are meant to occupy a central role in a particular subject area. So pages that are linked from many other blogs and websites in this industry and the link itself once more to the outside world, becoming a focal point.

As an example, consider Wikipedia, in the initial stages, it was given huge prominence by all search engines as its data was thought to be unique and authentic. However, with people allowed to write on it, its loop hole has been exploited. As of now, it still has an impact but not to the same extent as it was earlier. All government websites, which are considered to be legitimate, are the best back link sources. Using illegitimate methods may bring high initial profits in the beginning, but would lead to losses in the long run.

A professional blogger will not want to make such small money from the blogs. If high returns are what are desired, there is some hard work that would have to be put into it. Short cuts are not an answer. Optimize the blog and try to make it into one which is both informative and can be enjoyed by the people.

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