Associate degree programs around the Globe and in US at large

In this article we will be discussing Associate degree programs around the Globe and in US at large. An associate degree is known to be an academic recognition given away by community colleges, four year universities, business colleges and some other bachelor degree granting college and universities for completing two years in a branch of learning. In US, and Canada, it is par with two years of a four-year college or university degree. As regarding to the recognition, it is parallel to UK’s foundation degree, Brazil’s technology courses and France’s diplôme d’études universitaires générales (DEUG).

Associate degree programs around the Globe and in US at large

In US, an associate degree is a 2 year program as delivered by two types of colleges after completing the program. The three primary associated degree programs as offered in the United States are associate of arts degree (A.A), the associate of applied science degree    ( A.A.S ) and the associate of science degree (A.S. degree).

In US Community College related associate degree programs are operated by the local government and financed by public funds. However, US junior colleges offering associate degree programs are generally handle by private organizations.  Whether government or private they are excellent means to earn an associate degree.

Student joins an associate degree program for variety of reasons and causes and can be divided into a number of categories and sections.

  • First categories of students are that who wishes not to be enrolled with bachelor degree however wants to join a US community college for a community college admission.
  • The second type of students are those who wishes to start with first two years with undergraduate education at any US community college and further transfers to a US college for the last two years.
  • The third type of students are those who though wishes to enroll at US community colleges without getting into any type of degree or in formal associate degree programs.

As for convenience students are selecting associate degree programs as for lowering costs of full degree programs. As associate degree programs at US community college are for two years program. Associate degree programs are also offered by US junior college as similar to US community colleges. However, keep in mind for joining an associate program that is accredited, credibly. Finally, an associate degree program has many benefits over full degree programs.

  • An associate degree gets summed up very quickly.
  • Associate degrees are required in many high paying jobs in specialized field.
  • An associate degree happens to be more effective than bachelor’s degree.
  • Associate degree holders are some times are looked for better job prospect and opportunities due to the favorable reputation held by community colleges.

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