Are Your List Building Efforts Paying Off?

The article concerns the question – Are Your List Building Efforts Paying Off? List building is essential in any type of online marketing, but it must be done right in order for it to be profitable.  Whether you have just started list building or have been at it for a while without much success, here are a few tips that will make your efforts more successful.

Are Your List Building Efforts Paying Off?


Building a list is easier with a great incentive

In order for someone to sign up on your list, you are going to have to give them something they perceive as valuable or helpful to their need or problem.  Many people give away free reports or e-books, or even a video or short e-mail coaching series.  Whatever you decide to give away in exchange for your visitor’s e-mail address and name, make it worth their while.

Drive traffic to your squeeze page

Successful list building involves driving all of the targeted traffic you can to your squeeze page, especially if you want to build a sizeable list fast.  Think of all of the different methods you can use to drive traffic — articles, blog posts, forums, your profile page on Facebook, Twitter, paid advertising, and even offline methods.  The more people you can drive to your squeeze page that need what you have to offer, then the faster your list will grow.

Communicate – get personal with your list

People enjoy a little interaction; they want to feel like they know a little bit about you, and this helps in building their trust in you when it comes to recommending products or services.

You don’t want to blabber on in every e-mail in your autoresponder series, but occasionally throw in a little something about your life to make it a bit more personal.  You could mention that your daughter had her 7th birthday party over the weekend, something as simple as that.

Always send your list information they will find helpful in some way; otherwise they may decide to unsubscribe.

Make the most of your list building efforts. The rewards will be great.

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