Are List Building Efforts Paying Off?

The article concerns the question – Are List Building Efforts Paying Off? If you’re already using list building in your marketing strategy, congratulations!  You’re on the right path.  That being said, if your list building efforts don’t seem to be producing any results, there are some common mistakes you may be making.  Here are a few tips to help you determine what may be the problem.

Are List Building Efforts Paying Off?


Is your niche tightly targeted?

It could be that you’re offering something a bit too general.  For example, some of your visitors may land on your site because they are looking for help with a specific problem, but your information seems a bit general or vague.

People usually only sign up to your list if your free offer “hits their button,” so to speak.  Make your free giveaway something that hits a specific group of people and their needs.

Your squeeze page or opt-in box may be the problem

Getting a lot of traffic, but not many signing up to your list?  Your opt-in box or squeeze page may be to blame.

Your squeeze page should be dynamic and compelling.  Make your visitor an irresistible offer, one they just cannot refuse.  If your opt-in box on your website or blog simply says, “Join our mailing list,” that’s not good enough.  Tell them what they will receive by joining up!

Unresponsive list?

If you have a good number of people on your list but it doesn’t seem that your results are going anywhere (not making sales, too many unsubscribing), the problem lies in your messages.

The e-mails you send your list should offer value; your list should be excited about receiving something from you because your messages are always informative and enlightening.  Give away a free report or link to a video occasionally.  Also, don’t be afraid to sell!  You have to tell people to take action.

These list building tips will help you get your e-mail marketing back on track so that you start seeing results for your efforts.

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