App All the Way! 33% Shoppers Use them for Groceries

The title of the article is – App All the Way! 33% Shoppers Use them for Groceries. We used apps for playing games on the go, to search the nearest restaurant, to chat, for social network, to get weather forecasts, to get the latest news updates and the list goes on. The latest addition to this long list is grocery shopping. The modest weekly chore of picking up veggies, cereals, meats, fruits, cheese, breads etc. now finds itself on the list of most used apps.

App All the Way! 33% Shoppers Use them for Groceries

An impressive 33% of shoppers use apps and websites for buying their regular groceries. Shoppers are increasingly turning to apps and websites to plan and create their weekly grocery list along with saving some money in these hard times.

According to a new study conducted by Acosta Sales and Marketing, buyers today are spending carefully and are increasingly refraining from over-spending. This is mainly because despite spending 3% more on the average groceries, buyers are getting less than before. Thus, as a result consumers are depending more and more on sales, coupons and cheaper brands.

To be able to effectively access information about sales, coupons and low-end brands, consumers are depending on apps and websites to give them all the latest information. Also, consumers use these apps to plan grocery trips, create shopping lists, find coupons and even get great recipes.

Shoppers are still using emails as the most preferred way to communicate with brands and stores. The latest trend shows that shoppers are using social media and texting instead of the conventional websites for researching and communication.

This trend yet again underlines the importance of using the digital and mobile technology for promotions and branding. Sending QR (Quick Response) codes and displays to shoppers while they are still in-store is also a great idea. Customers just need to scan these QR codes that are assigned to every product to add them in their basket. They can instantly pay through their smartphones and complete the shopping.

Consumer buying patterns are changing. Staying abreast with the most advanced and user friendly digital technologies is the only way brands can survive while making the life of the consumers a lot easy and convenient.

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