Always Online At Work

Always Online At Work – How To Resist Temptation To Random Surf? One of the greatest temptations for online professionals is random web surfing. Although they know they should avoid taking a peak at non-work-related sites while they are online at work, the temptation to do so is very difficult to resist. Most online workers admit to doing sneak peaks at social networking sites while in the middle of a project, oftentimes spending more time there than they had intended. Result: less productivity.

Always Online At Work

If you are one of those who earn money by working online, the temptation can be greater. There is no boss to tell you off and no office mates to catch you. So you depend on your self-discipline to regulate your web surfing. Often, when you realize that your jobs have piled up, you’d promise to be more disciplined, only to go back to your old habit the next day.

So what do you do when random surfing has become some sort of addiction for you? You may try which of the following:

List the things you need to accomplish during the day, and hang the to-do list in a prominent place. A to-do list with most of the items still uncrossed is a very effective surf stopper. It can even make your adrenaline surge a little to jolt you into ‘strictly work’ mode.

Allot a time for you to browse the internet for things that are not work related. The best time for it is in between tasks. Surfing the net between tasks for say about 5-10 minutes can actually ‘reset’ your mind and prepare you for the next task. To ensure that time wouldn’t sneak up on you, set the alarm clock before you begin surfing. Be sure to stop when the alarm sets off.

Reward yourself every time you are able to resist the temptation to check your favorite sites while at work. It may be buying yourself some stuff at the end of the week or allowing yourself some extra time off (thirty minutes or an hour extra time for yourself) the next week. The reward can be simple, but it has to be something you look forward to having.

Turn off chat lines. One of the common distractions when working online is chatting. Because friends tend to say hi when they see you that you’re online, and of course it would be rude to not respond, you may end up chatting with them instead of working. Solution: completely turn off this application to concentrate on your online home jobs.

Being online at work all the time need not jeopardize your work schedule. All you really need to have is self-discipline.

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