Alternatives to Google Adsense

In the following article you will find some information about Alternatives to Google Adsense. Google Adsense has dominated the field of money making on the Internet. Without a doubt, it is the most popular and easiest method to make money online. The approval process is simple (in comparison to other make money online opportunities like affiliate networks) and any newbie could set it up easily.

Alternatives to Google Adsense

Sometimes you might have to look for alternatives though, in case your account was barred for breaching policies or the content on your site is against their program policies. Another reason maybe immunity of Adsense ads resulting in very low CTR and thus low revenue and also maximizing revenue by occupying most free space with ads.

While I could safely say that no other program can compete with Adsense with their widespread popularity and the fact that it’s a Google service of course, there are some services that has gained some buzz in recent times and over the years.

  1. Chitika
    Chitika has gained widespread popularity in recent times and serves similar contextual ads (in terms of appearance) however uses innovative, ‘smart’ methods by displaying ads to only search engine users based on the search term for example. They also have pay per sale ads for promotion via contextual ads instead of pay per click. Popular blogger Darren Rowse’s heavy buzz on the service has helped Chitika with their publicity.
  2. Kontera
    Kontera offers in-text advertising, while these types of ads are not served the same way Adsense is, it could well be an alternative as it makes money for your site traffic and is also contextual advertising. Kontera offers low CPC but can be a healthy revenue stream if you receive a large amount of traffic to your website.
  3. Adbrite
    Adbrite is also a popular alternative to Adsense and usually used by webmasters who serve content that does not comply with Google’s policies, revenue might be lower to Adsense but ads displayed look similar to Adsense and they also have a fair share of advertisers.
  4. Clicksor Clicksor is another great alternative to Adsense, minimum payment is only $20 via Paypal which attracts small scale websites, and ads served by Clicksor are also highly contextual.
  5. Infolinks Infolinks serves ads similar to Kontera and appears to be more popular as well however Infolinks don’t really have as many advertisers which makes it a less recommended alternative for in-text advertising.

All the above 5 alternatives maybe used simultaneously with Google Adsense and can contribute to a healthy, additional income stream; some networks might be more profitable than others depending on your site content and visitors, figuring out the winning combination of ad networks to use on your website all boils down to testing.

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