Affiliate Marketing Secrets

In the following article we will be discussing Affiliate Marketing Secrets. While affiliate marketing isn’t all that difficult, it is true that a very small percentage of “super affiliates” generate about 90% of the income being made in this industry today.  If your affiliate marketing efforts are generating only a small income, here are a few “secrets” that will make your efforts more successful.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Don’t let your visitors or list see those ugly affiliate links

Today, those who surf the Internet are becoming more and more savvy; most know an affiliate link when they see one.  Cloak your links on your website pages and blog posts – even in your e-mail messages if you have an autoresponder series.

The best free source for driving traffic – article marketing

By writing articles, you can build your reputation as an expert and build a loyal customer base.  Articles should contain those keywords you use on your website or blog so that they drive targeted traffic from search engines.  Your articles will also drive traffic indirectly when posted on other websites relevant to your niche.  The power of article marketing should not be underestimated!

Not only are articles a great way to direct traffic initially, they can help build search engine rankings meaning more targeted traffic for the long term.

Warm your potential buyers up a bit before sending them to the sales page

Many new – and even seasoned – marketers make this mistake:  Sending a visitor straight to the affiliate sales page.  You need to warm up your visitor, make them believe it is their idea to buy so that they do not feel that they are being pressured in to buying.

Create your own landing page that reviews the product or even offers a few testimonials of customers who have bought the product in the past.  By warming up your visitor with a gentle pre-sell, your conversion rates will soar.

In the world of affiliate marketing, many more affiliates would become “super” affiliates by putting these tactics to work.

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