AdWords, AdSense, AdBrite…

That article is about AdWords, AdSense, AdBrite… It seems very confusing to the newbie internet marketer; what are those three and what do they do? First of all, as the name suggests they are to do with internet advertising. AdWords and AdSense are owned by Google while AdBrite is owned by a company head quartered in San Francisco, California.

AdWords, AdSense, AdBrite

AdSense and AdBrite are similar in nature in that they are online advertising medium whereby you will earn revenue by publishing relevant advertisements on an assortment of online media; for example you add a custom search engine to your site and then earn from ads from the search result pages. You could also publish ads on your website. Typically the ads that are placed on your website would be those that are suited to your audience’s interests and when your audience clicks on those ads in your website, you will then be paid accordingly. The ads can also be published on mobile devices.

AdWords on the other hand is the ads you asked Google to display for you and you will have to pay Google for it. However unlike the traditional advertising where you will have to pay the advertiser regardless on whether people look at your advertisement or not, Google only charge you when someone clicks on your ads. The rates charged by Google will vary according to various conditions which are constantly subjected to change according to the demands and other market factors.

Currently the two main popular choices to for the internet marketer to make money by carrying online advertisements on their sites are through AdSense and AdBrite. Both these online advertising networks primarily sell space for online advertisements to appear on your web pages. As such, website owners and online marketers are trying to determine which network is the one they should select to maximize the monetizing their blog, forum or authority directory.

Adsense which belongs to Google has traditionally won over Adbrite solely because of the options made available to the website owners. Couple to that, it also has the backing of the size and might of Google behind it. However, as time goes by, more and more web site owners and marketers are re-evaluating their choice.


Adbrite vs Adsense – The Basics

To better be able to understand what the competition between Adbrite and Adsense is all about, we will have to look at what is provided by each of the network advertiser to the website owners. As an off shoot of Google’s AdWords, AdSense is the pioneer in internet advertising and this has helped it to build up a base of the largest network of publishers and advertisers. If you search through blogs, forums and IM sites, you will quickly be able to see that AdSense is the favourite among website owners to place internet advertisements on their sites. One of the winning factors may be because AdSense is very easy to use.

As with anything, there will always the upsides and downsides. With AdSense,  you are only allowed to place three advertisement blocks in one page. This limitation severely limits the overall impression for any one page for the web site owner. On top of that, the impression may not mean much to the web site owner as they are base on the Cost per Click or CPC impression. This means that the site owner will not get paid if their visitors do not click on the advertisements.

AdSense also only pay out in $100 or higher increments; resulting in the smaller, less popular or new web site owners having to wait longer before they can get their commission.

On the other hand, even slightly smaller and starting later than AdSense, AdBrite has gone to build up its image as a trustworthy company over time. Marketers and web site owners who have used AdBrite over a period of time have come to trust the product. They also have different formats for the placement of advertisement. These include CPC and CPM. They also allow the use full page advertisements similar to newspaper sites as well as in-text advertisements.

On top of that, web site owners do not have to wait until they reach $100 or higher increments as AdBrite pay out checks in smaller $5 increments. This is especially helpful to new site owners as they do not need to wait for months for the traffic to build up before they can get their checks.

AdBrite vs AdSense – Income Breakdown

Currently there are no analytical tools that can provide you accurate information on how much you can make from AdBrite or AdSense. However, in general, the context analysis for either of the service is equally strong. Both will place advertisements that are directly related to your content. This is important as your readers will most likely to click on something that interests them if those are of the similar context.

Google’s service was originally intended to provide an experience service. They wanted to provide their readers with the information that they are looking for. As such, even though Google likes their advertisement revenue, they do not condone excess advertising. On the other hand, AdBrite is a strictly advertising platform. Their clients mainly sign on to post advertisements.

Based on this fact, you can decide on the quantity of advertisements you want to be placed on your site with AdBrite. You can also decide to use impression based advertising with AdBrite. Depending on the niche that you are in, this form of advertising may result in you getting more income as you will be paid just for the visitors reaching your site.

In conclusion, the issue of AdBrite vs AdSense comes down to which option works best for you. AdBrite comes ahead, even though just barely, in terms of raw options and ease of use. AdSense is also good for a number of reasons but it is slightly more limited. You also have to deal with more oversight than you would for a more independent company.

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